14 Mar 2012

Sorethroat memory

I have the sexiest sultry voice today, it's sound better than Rihanna, better than Pink or Lady Gaga, it's more or less like Adele, lol!!

Hari ini suara saya adalah yg terseksi, yg paling menggoda dan paling menggiurkan diantara semua wanita yang berada dimuka bumi ini..

Sorry! I lied. I got a sore throat today.

I remember during my highschool, everytime when I got sorethroat, that was the day when I had to absent from school. Kan ada guru suka suruh murid berdiri untuk membaca ayat dalam buku teks.. kalau kena murid yg ada ada sakit tekak tu, kesian kan... of course it's very pityful to see the classmate standing up reading but no matter how pity or no matter how pity, no matter how ke lian was it, my classmate and I was giggling because we knew, they'll giggle too if anyone of us reading with the super rock voice hahaha... it was like: "wait till the sore throat karma attack you back" bahahaha

Nowadays, we normally would take a sick leave if the sore throat is severe. Honestly, the sore throat patient is suffering enough to talk but I think that the people who are talking to those who's having sore throat is annoyed too, not badly annoyed maybe 70% only hahaha 

Anyway, in this fast revolving world,  there are times when we are not feeling well but still have to work. It happened to me too. I was having a severe sore throat and I turned up to work because of the to-do-list was very long, it was like i had a mini blade in my throat,  sigh.. 

Work and work and work..till the first call came:

Caller: Hi, good morning, may I know the price of your water pump for residential?

Me: There are 2 diff price sir, if your house has 4 bathroom and above the cost is RM1500 and if you've less than that, it's RM900

Caller: I've to confirm this as it's for my client. I'll call you back once I got the confirmation.  By the way, you are Mr? *gosh! I'm a female dude, wth you sore throat!!!

"very sorry" the caller said when i told him that i'm not a man, poh kay tai!

I regretted to answer the call. Next time I wouldn't answer any phone calls whenever I've a stupid sore throat.  

Hahaha.. kudos doctor lol

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