14 Apr 2013

Kitchen Renovation

Every woman wants to have the best kitchen eventho some of them are not good in cooking;   including me. 

I always want a kitchen that is easy to clean, spacious for the utensils and at least complete with a cooking hob and hood that efficient enough to remove the smoke while cooking. I've been thinking about doing some little renovation in the kitchen since years ago. 

During the ipex event at the Sabah Trade Centre, I managed to talk to the kitchen cabinet company and they quoted the price at RM11k. I found it tooooo expensive, orang miskin lah katakan! So I delayed the renovation again. 

Then yesterday, I went to Lintas to visit one of the showroom. As usual, I gave my kitchen measurement to the person in charge (PIC). She calculate and calculate... then she informed me the price "Not too much la, it is approximately RM25k only". I responded steadily, managed to hide my surprise. I said "That's sound too expensive, I will have to think thrice before I make a decision" 

She smiled and she said "Maybe your measurement is inaccurate, I think we should personally go to your house and do the measuring by ourselves" "Okay, do you think you can come tomorrow?" "Yes, we can but we need RM300 as a deposit. This figure will be deducted from the quoted amount later" 

I can't help not to surprise this time. Haiiiyaaaaa amoi! You ahhh.. I told her that the deposit request is a bit nonsense. What happen if I deposit 300 and later on the figure is still maintain as RM25k? Only stupid people will agree to give RM300 just like that. Seems like she knew that I was really disagree with the deposit request. Then she said in a friendly way "Even monkey also request for deposit maaah..." I was like "Huh?? monkey?" Amused. Then she said "Ya, you know our competitor in Jln Tuaran by pass?" "Oh.. I never heard them before." I said. 

On my way home, I still feel funny with the 'monkey' then I google about it later on, this is what I found: 

And here's their website: 

The website looks good actually but what I have in mind is the respond from their clients which may sound funny sometimes: 

"My kitchen cabinet looks fabulous, monkey did it" 
"My kitchen cabinet looks horrible, monkey did it" 

But if that company ALWAYS and consistently doing a great job: 

"Don't play-play! That monkey is always great" 

Well, it doesn't matter what is your company's name, delivery is the most important! 


Have a lovey lovey day!!!! 


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