24 Jul 2013

EUCERIN Dermo Purifyer Cleanser : Review


Here I am again with another product review.

I think that I've stated before that I won't write a review if the product is only used once or twice but mostly after a month or at least two weeks of usage. Unless the product cause a skin allergy within few days then, I'll immediately stop hahaha..

And this time, I'm reviewing the cleanser from EUCERIN :)

Price: MYR33 / USD 10 (approximately). I normally get this from GUARDIAN.
I've already used 2 bottles. I love the packing too.

Gently and effectively eliminates excess sebum. That's a confident statement!

Unclog pores without thinning skin :)
Indeed, thinning skin is so unpretty, it makes the capillaries visible. 

Clear gel. Soap and Fragrance Free. 
I don't like strong smell facial cleanser, it'll make me sneeze. 
Actually, you don't need this much to wash your face but it's more effective if you take at least one or two minutes rubbing it softly on your face and rinse it with warm water. 
My skin is still producing sebum especially at the nose part but it's less active and each of the sebum are getting smaller.

I was cursed with sensitive acne prone skin T_T
My pores were clogged and it made the skin color uneven.

Bare skin; after constant usage of Eucerin ^__^ 
p/s: please ignore the rabbit teeth, we're here for skin discussion lol

Because of I'm cursed with sensitive skin, I could never used any BB or CC cream, so far, I never found any of these creams suitable for my skin. I'll always get pimples after few days of BB cream usage. 
Therefore, I really need to ensure that my skin is clear from blemishes simply because I can't cover it :(

Bye for now.. till my next post.


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  1. Glad you found something that works for you! As for me, I am cursed with dry skin. :(

    1. I always think that dry skin is easier to be handled and the good thing is pores are always invisible. So you have to rajin-rajin letak moisturizer :)

  2. I have never use this brand before, but heard that it's good!

    1. So far I love it.. it's not costly too hahaha

  3. do you use it twice daily, in the morning and at night??

  4. Replies
    1. If you live in SG, MY or HK.. you can easily get it in Guardian :D

  5. I am already bought it and it seems show the negative effect even in just 3 days, how come .my face looks dull and become oily. Haha ':D i bought all of the product but only the toner,cleanser and night cream . Do you using all of it ? Or just cleanser? please help me. :)

  6. Hi ! Can i know this cleanser suitable for dry skin?