25 Jul 2013


By the time I'm writing this, there are 4 people on top of our roof replacing the old roof. I can't thank them enough for their willingness to work so  hard under the hot sun, while me.. sitting in the office,  sipping hot milo. If I have so much money, I'll not hesitate to pay them extra because the job is not easy. The roof  pieces are heavy and we do not have a forklift for the workers' convenience :( 

Anyway, they never complain, that's how strong they're. The leader said that changing roof job is just a basic thing for them, yaa.. he's right I guessed. They can even build a 20 storey building anyway.. so what's the big deal with an ordinary small landed property?

So, these few days  seems like a busy day for me, I can't concentrate with the paperworks since they're another 2 workers in the house renovating our first floor, therefore, I'll just do some debtors updates. The roof supplier arrived at 8.00am and Pocoyo was reluctant to go to school because of that. The big lorry made him so excited but he agreed to go to school when I told him that there'll be a drilling job to be done by the workers and the whole house will be shaking. Haha.. 

The roof contractors climbed up to the roof with bare hand, no safety harness or anything.
I saw them walking on the beam like a hero in the movie much better than watching Brad Pitt's action movies. 
"Sap-sap sui boleh siap la boss" the leader said, I think my face impression look so worry. I smiled. Everyone is called boss here, lololss!!
I called them boss, they called me boss too.
The lorry driver is also a boss.
"Nah boss.. DO sama invoice sini, DO mau sign." He passed the docs to me.
"Mana mau sign boss?" I asked him.
"Sini, di bawah siring..  transport fee RM120.00 boss" he said.
I handed the fee "Thank you boss!!"
"Bah!" He raised his hand and headed  to the main gate.
That was a simple reply as 'you're welcome' or 'no problem' or 'okay'
Hahaha ..  Life in Kota Kinabalu is simple and  harmony :D

Because of I'm so lazy to blog about other things...
Let's be ready with the horror pics of my house lol..
We decided to do a minor renovation for the bed rooms upstairs too because pocoyo doesn't have his own room  at this moment. Besides that, we don't have a walk-in wardrobe.

Roofless, ceiling less.. wall-less
The house previous owner didn't do the rooms partition properly. Seriously.. How could they use a wire-mesh? LOL

This is our bedroom actually, at this moment we sleep on the matress at the office area only, sobsssss!!
I don't have a dressing room now too T_T

This is Mr Pocoyo's future bedroom. He already said that he wants a blue color bed.
I'll just buy a blue color bedsheets and blue pillow cases hahaaha.. ohh, and a blue blanket. Re-use the same bed to save cost. This boy is influenced by his favourite cartoon actually.

We moved here 4 years ago and only started the renovation this year..
Look at the style-less fan (installed by the previous owner) =_=

This is our haunted hallway hahaha

We'll change the louvre window to three pieces glass-made sliding door because that area is actually the exit to the balcony.
The existing non solid door will be demolished and will be sealed.
I'm a great Interior Designer I know =_=
(I can't afford to pay an ID  T_T )

I hope that the renovation progress will be smooth, we not gonna spend a big money for this renovation. As long as the roof is replaced and no more leaking that is the most important.

Hope that your e-trip to my house wasn't too creepy, lol!

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  1. haha, so good can reno house~ must be rich~ =P

  2. Hahaha.. If I'm rich I would rather stay in Hyatt's while waiting for the renovation to get completed or just buy a new bigger house LOL!!

  3. Wah so siok! I wish I can renovate my house too, but my apartment is not even mine! Sewa punya! LOL

    PS: I'm still looking for a new place to rent. Penat lah naik tangga hari-hari!

    1. Ko mau cari area mana? I'll let you know if there's any reasonable house/apt available.
      It's not siok, bising betul tu grinding machine putung zink.. Tuktaktuktaktuktak lagi tu hammer sana bumbung.

    2. I'm looking for landed one if possible (and murah-murah). Want a place for my dogs to run around bah.. also so I can do bbq every weekend! He he he

      If you know one, please kestaw arrr

    3. Oh um.. Penampang area or Lido should be okay. :D

  4. PS: Memang kaya si Fay ni. Can renovate house lagi! :P

    1. Ngai sat.. Klu kaya nda payah tunggu 4yrs utk start renovation. Mau banjir ni rumah pasal bumbung bocor, lol

  5. hmmm, house in renovation progress is surely a mess and looks like abandoned haunted house, haha!! but just look forward to a nice house coming on its way and surely you are excited about it :)

    1. Thanksss!! It'll be an ordinary house still but better than before especially once the louvre windows are changed. Thick dust because it's not 100% closed.

  6. Dang. That looks like a lot of work, heheh. Then again, what doesn't? The path to creation is really a strenuous process. Just be sure you get workers who wouldn't mind a bit of artistry, as well as safety guarantees.


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