26 Jul 2013


I've posted some of the pics in Kuta Beach Bali (Indonesia) some times ago.  You can click HERE to see them. Faster go and see, lol

This is the continuation because reading a long travel blog is boring, agree? And if you're not fit enough, you  could vomit blood and your shortsightedness will be increased hahaha.. Paiseh loh..

Okay since the beach party is already over, I'll take you to another famous land in Bali ^__^

Note: I'm not gonna elaborate anything related to the religion or belief of the Balinese because I'm totally doesn't know about it and it's better not to be commented to avoid anything unnecessary.

This is in Tanah Lot (Approximately 50km from Denpasar)
This temple is very unique, the Hindu people can only go up to the temple during low tide. 
The temple above will be surrounded by water during high tide.

They were heading to the temple before the high tide. Looks like kebaya right?

The things carried on the head was for offering. 

I love this view. 

Row-Row-Row your bot. Only one person looked cool here, the real boatman. 
The rests are tourists. Ya, the 'peace' fingers LOL

Temple of the Lake. Surreal.

Me and the temple and the lake and the mountain :)

This is the path to Temple of the Lake at Ulundanu.

One of the tourist attraction. 

Paddy field.

Another praying ceremony. 

Balinese and tourists at 'fountain-of-youth'

During our visit, the Hindu people was celebrating a festival where they came to this temple with "fountain-of-youth" power. Visitors were allowed to join.

This is the market in Tanah Lot. Shoppers who love bargain can get many things. I got nothing, I'm always lazy to bargain @_@ 

Handicrafts and souvenirs. I bought nothing.

View from the top. 

Do you like my bottle? lol

Fruits stall. We bought so much strawberries here because it was cheap. No other reason, lol

Jimbaran Beach, famous for BBQ dinner. 

Photoshoot LOL

Yumseng!!!!!!!! Fanta Merah! Fanta Merah.. sounds familiar?? It was really a Fanta Merah lol
There was a Fanta Hijau too but we all selected Fanta Merah haha

Our Night Activity in Bali

This was in Hard Rock Cafe. We yumcha here before dinner and after dinner came here again for another yumcha. Hahaha Hahaha

Me..and my tipsy looks lol 
Seems like I arrived too early that night @_@ 

hahaha.. drunk because beer was cheap. I was a millionaire after all lololssss
(after my MYR converted to Rupiah ^__^)



Our room, was neat on the first day only.. The rest of the day was like attacked by a hurricane.
We slept very late and always rushing for breakfast and sightseeing. 

Me again lol

Flying back to MY by MH.

Thanks for reading!! 

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  1. Bali is such a beautiful place! I wish to go someday!

  2. Yes.. it's a nice place.. but I wanna go to US someday like you did :D

  3. I love Bali. I was so relaxed and happy there. Your photos brought back the good memories. I did not manage to take photos of their festivals like you did. I went there not long after the bombing and everything was cheap - hotels, tours and food.

  4. Nice & cool place to visit and thinking about going too. Wow you had a great time there. tQ for dropping by

  5. Thank you Mr Twilight Man and Mr Bananaz :)

  6. i went to Bali in 2004 but then too bad, it rained when we went to Tanah Lot and so we just quickly snap a couple of photos and had to leave, haiz.. and we didn't have time to go to the Lake Temples too, what a shame.. now that i'm looking at your photos, ooooh, it shows how much things i have missed!! :(

    1. You can always re-visit Bali SK. I've been there for 3 times and I still want to go again hahaahaha.. Bali is so special. Someday, I want to visit Barocay, PH and I still haven't get the chance to visit Phuket, sigh :(

  7. The paddy field landscape is beautiful.
    The pagoda-like temple has been photographed millions of time, but it never fails to amaze me

    1. In fact my paddy field picture is not as nice as what I've seen on others blog because I only used my hp for pictures. If I used a pro cam the pics should be so much better :'(

  8. Wow nice...I never been to Bali yet. I shd reconsider this place....