31 Jul 2013

Money Talks

Hey!! Happy Thursday!! 

I've so much things to write in this crap blog but most of the topics are a bit too long so I decided to write the shortest possible entry hahaha *lazy-bug

But... this gonna be very important eventho it's a short post lol 

All these while I always try to save my money because money doesn't grow on trees and I'm not a govt servant who'll get pension when I'm retired. Pension shouldn't exist in the dictionary of all the non govt servant but saving, yes. ^_^

Because of I always remember this: "You think the money drop from the sky ah??" That's what my father used to say during my childhood and it made me open my mind about finance and saving. Coincidentally, after I met the Mr Bff, he always have this phrase: "Don't make the bank richer."

Because of we do not want the bank to make us gullible (kind of), these are some of the practices that we have: 

* It's totally alright to have a credit card but it must be fully paid on time.
* Don't withdraw cash from other ATM only from your bank
*Don't participate in any installment scheme like courts mammoth etc.. etc..etc

Even our home renovation was delayed because we don't do loan for that @_@ 
Anyway, no matter how much I tried not to get "conned" by the bank (lol), I failed to escape recently. 
I was amused to see the transaction record below, I was like how did I withdraw cash with fifty cents extra? Hahaha

Actually, when I recalled it, the transaction with extra 50cents were done in fuel kiosk and the ATM is belong to the same bank (Maybank). If you withdraw cash from the fuel kiosks, there'll be a surcharge and I didn't know this. Since when ah? Anyway, on a more grateful note, it's good that I checked my account online otherwise I never know about this. 

Withdrawing money from the fuel kiosk is not my habit but because of there's no Maybank ATM at the 
1 Borneo, I just had to. The irony is, cash is always available in that machine but the slip/receipt is always out. No slip but I still carried on with the transaction because there was no surcharge last time :)

50 cents sound too little but the bank is really make a lot with that. 
200 people x RM0.50 = RM100.00 (per day)
RM100.00 x 30 days = RM3000.00
RM3000 x 12 months = RM36,000.00 (per year)

(figure is my own rough estimation only, it might be more than that)

How many kiosks with ATM in this whole country? Ohwww.. we, the user certainly contribute to the bank income lol

Next time, I'll only withdraw cash at the ATM in the mall or at the bank branch T_T


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  1. Money money money! xD

    Ya, it's better to withdraw cash at the ATM in the mall or at the bank branch!

    Have a nice day ahead!

    1. Thank you!! Thank you!! Have a good day too :)

  2. Oh really? Not aware of it too tQ

    1. Really worrr banana!!! Thanks for visiting me here :)

  3. from the photo you posted, i know it's from Maybank2u.com, cos i use that too!! errr, it's not the location where you withdraw your money.. within the same month, we are not charged for the first 4 times ATM withdrawal, subsequent withdrawals will be charged 50 sen each time.. just like you, in order not to let the bank earn my extra money, i make sure i withdraw more money each time so that i don't exceed 4 times.. :p

    1. Oh oww.. Thank you so so much for the info SK, I didn't know this. Banks are really cheeky in earning extra income LOL

  4. You just woke me up on this topic. I am fortunate that my house is near 5 banks within walking distance but somehow the recent robbery and snatch thefts have scared me. Sometimes I wanted to withdraw a few thousands from PBB and bring it over to the next banks to pay loans. I wanted to save those service charges but what if I got robbed along the way. I discarded the penny wise pound foolish ways since.

    Did you know that when we withdraw at certain foreign bank;s ATM, they charge a few ringgit per transaction? That's robbery!

    1. Yaaa!! It's scary. I never want to keep much money in the wallet to avoid snatch thefts.

      I never withdraw cash from any foreign bank's ATM but I'm frequently robbed when I do TT for oversea purchases. It's RM45 for cable charge and RM5 called Additional Charge. Same bank but different country. Wtf it's half of hundred. Daylight robbery :p