2 Aug 2013


If Bali was a place for a lazy queen like me, then Hong Kong should be the place for hardworking people hahaha.. I simplified it that way because when I was in Hong Kong, I can't feel the lazying mood, no heavy body nor self-dragging throughout the day. That's how the energy of HK inspired me.

My trip to Hong Kong was simple, unplanned and a last minute holiday. When we were called for a meeting in Shenzhen we decided that we should stay in HK for few days.

After a day in Shenzhen, we headed to Hong Kong by bus. We stopped at Mongkok bus station and after lunch we went straight to the hotel by MTR. We stayed in Kowloon and we didn't hire any tour guide or travel agent because HK is not complicated, every places can be reached easily. The city is very 'tourist friendly'. 

Right after the check-in we went to The Peak Tram (山頂纜車) for sightseeing. 

This is the ride to The Peak (The Peak Tram)

We took MTR from Kowloon to Central and we walked to the terminus to buy the tickets. 
Waited for half an hour before we went up to The Peak. 

The Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong (550 above sea level) and that's the best place for viewing Hong Kong. The Peak Tram started its operation since 30-May-1888 and its horoscope is Gemini LOL 

At one point, the tram was like moving at 45 deg and my adrenaline was running fast hahaha

The Peak Tower, the multi storey complex for shopping and entertainment. Madam Tusssauds is inside here. I like the architecture. 

I met Kelly Chen buahahaha!
and.... that's Jackie Chan looking at me.. gete kan? lolololsss

view from The Peak

I can see Kowloon from here :)
The MTR to Central was actually under the sea, awesome right? 
Don't worry, we'll have that in Penang or Labuan soon (wakakakakakakaka)

Very much like an Angmoh house :)

gotta build my next house like this :)

Camwhore before dinner. lol

HK landmark, Bank of China view at night.
There are too many beautiful building here. 

Arena of Star

Clock tower at Arena of Star

I came back at the same place after dinner hahaha
walk and walk and walk :D

Hong Kong transportation is very convenient. Those who lazy to walk can travel by taxi or bus.
We walked from Kowloon to Mongkok to get familiar with the city and surprisingly, the food and items in Mongkok are cheaper than any other area in whole Hong Kong @_@

Everyone seems busy in HK, that's why I didn't have the lazying mood during my trip haha

After 5pm, you can see so many lenglui walking home from work, they're so fashionable.

This is the underground pedestrian in HK, can do shopping inside, I think it's cool. 
(pic from google, mine is blur T_T)

I'll be back to Hong Kong someday because Mr Pocoyo wants to visit Disneyland!! 


  1. Lovely photos! Never been to HK yet!

    1. Thanks Hayley! HK is near, you can go anytime.. you can buy few miu miu or Gucci there, cheaper than MY.

  2. Replies
    1. Lemme know if you go again, we conquer HK together LOL :)

  3. I never been to HK yet. A friend has been bugging me to go HK with her this December. See how lar.. thing is, she don't eat pork bah. Not siok go HK if go with a friend who doesn't eat pork. Must enjoy ALL the foods there! Ha ha ha!

    PS: How bah you maintain your slim figure tu??? Tell meeeeeeee!!!!

    1. Hahahaha.. if you go with me gerenti eating berabis, the only hours not eating will be during sleeping hours wakakakaak.. December is a good month to go there. The Christmas deco around the city is always so beautiful..

      Slim konon.. I'm just not fat but slim jauh sekali :(

    2. okay la, i save some $$ first. when i have enough to shop and eat, we go lar ya?? :D

    3. bah! let's wait for the day where we'll be makan jalan tidur, repeat. :D

  4. Hi Fay, wow! Hongkong! So...did you smoke your credit cards? I hear from friends today lots of China tourists go to HK for shopping and spend money there like no tomorrow.
    Love your pics of the places you visited, and that bank pic at night is impressive.

    Love your fashion style and outfit. Looks stylish, and you sure one very attractive young lady. Makes me wish I am young again, ha ha.
    Yes Fay, have fun.....and keep a song in your heart.

    1. Hellooooo Lee!! I'm always trying hard not to live lavishly so whenever I go for holiday I won't spend much for shopping. Thank you thank you.. I live in a super simple way, my outfit my daily life and everything just super simple.. Enjoy Canada and Keep the rhythm in your soul :)

  5. susah mau cari halal food tu kan sana? hmmm...

    1. Mcm ada juga halal restaurant Just tapi limited lah.. kalau terkena di tempat yg teda halal food, pigi masuk 7 Eleven, masak maggi sana hahaha

  6. quite true for what you have said, Bali is more laid back but HK is definitely a place you have so many things to eat/see/buy and yet so little time~~ :D

    1. ya ya!! No chance for napping in HK hahaha

  7. We were in HK during last year's CNY..I was 2 months pregnant with Faith then. Brought Gwen to Disneyland...it was fun! I love HK. :) Nice photos..you look great.

    1. Faith missed the fun then LOL! she'll beg you to take her to Disneyland once she finds out :)

  8. I went to HKG many times and now it has become a stressful place. Maybe I am old fashioned and my taste have changed. I like to explore new places with lots of historical sites.
    Your photos are very nice and happy ones!

  9. HK is Nice place and Beautifull town, oh yea one again "Good people".
    But i just love indonesia, because i'm from ID. But thanks for sharing your adventure in HK. Nice Pic To ~_~

    Blogwalking from My@blog

  10. Love the skyline but seems a hazy. The city view would make great long-exposure photography.