9 Jul 2013


If I were asked which holiday destination I will go again and again, I will say Bali, Indonesia. This place is simply amazing and the most memorable is the beautiful clean beach. I won't forget the friendliness of the people there too, especially the ladies and gentlemen at the Kuta Beach. 

Some angmoh especially young female caucasians love Kuta Beach because they can simply have their nap under the sun, cover their face with straw hat while topless sunbathing *yahh, that's guys' favourite view there too, I guessed. LOL! While for boys, they love Kuta Beach because of the wave. They're able to flaunt their boardsurfing skill to the girls around hahahaha.. Did I observed it right?? Nahhh.. it's not too important. My most favourite views in Kuta Beach are the running toddler chased by the mom or when a father taking his boy enjoying the sea wave or a family's sand castle building activity. I love to hear their laugh or the crying toddler who hit by the soft waves hahahaa.. and it's touching to see a young dad comforting the toddler but still taking him for another wave exposure LOL!! I think that I have to stop reminiscing the memories here, my tears feel like flowing, I'm missing Bali T_T

Anyway, among all that's.. I really love the peacefulness and the harmony life of Balinese. 

Just like when I saw this praying ceremony. 

I can't remember what the day was called or what the ceremony about, but it's really a good experience to see this.
My perception of this is, it's a connection between the creator and these Balinese here. Even though I've a different religion but seeing this never failed to touch my heart. 

It was a sunny day when we were sitting underneath the big tree in Kuta Beach with Mr Bff and the friendly Balinese started to chat with us. It was simply a spontaneous chat, they were not selling anything like food or massage service, they're purely a friendly people. Although we never knew each and other, the chat was lasted for hours till we headed for lunch somewhere near Hard Rock Hotel. 

We swam here after spending too much time by the seaside.
In Bali, it's totally fine if you stay at the backpackers or homestay (without pool) because most of the vacation times will be spent for beach LOL

Discovery Shopping Mall; I guessed that this is the biggest mall in Bali.

This mall is located nearby our hotel, walking distance from Kuta Beach. I didn't do shopping here, we came here just for lunch. Mind you, the cafe behind me is very expensive because it's looking at the beach front where the view is breath taking.

In Discovery Shopping Mall, they do have franchise restaurant like Burger King, Starbucks and KFC. Besides that, they do have a food court too. I love food court.

I wanted to buy this but it was below USD300 so I cancelled.. lololss me actually can't afford T_T  
It was approximately USD120.00

Temple like this is a normal view in Bali, it's almost everywhere. It makes this place even more special.

Peace.. I'll be by the beach till the sun goes down.. haha

This man posed here because he likes the surfboards view. lol
If you travel to Bali without surfing board, fret not because it is available here. You can rent or buy it ^__^

Me.. love surfboards view? Naaww.. surfboard apa barang oh! It's less challenging. My game is sky diving.
(ya ya tipu sunat.. tipu sunat. Big lie)

This beach is crowded, just like Miami  
as if I was there @_@ 

Some hotties under the hot sun. It was a good day. 
Spot the surfers, some of them like napping on the surfboard hahaha

This was my first hour at Kuta Beach, swimming suit was left in the hotel room. Survey the place first haha
At 8.00am, the beach was still less people.

I thought of suggesting this beautiful place to Bollywood film director but seems like not enough space for dancing. Roll and roll, run and run.. bluuuukkksss.. fall into the pond.

Local people befriended with the tourists

Hey.. That's Lady Gaga!! Kam ngam keh?!!! Ya, I know it's a hot day.. I know.. lol

Bali is a perfect place for honeymooner too. Just like these two :)

Even the balinese around come to this beach often.

See it.. feel it.. 

Till my next post about Bali.. 


  1. Punya siok!! Sampai today my plan to go Bali belum lagi kesampaian. I think I read somewhere that talks about this 'Bali curse'. If you're unwed and visit Bali as a couple, you'll end up breaking up soon. But if you go as a wedded couple, boleh kekal sampai mati konon. Dunno true or not la. Ha ha

    1. It's okay tu.. nti ko honeymoon la sini, kekal sampai mati yo! Better than ko begagar sana Europe kesejukan hahaha

  2. Sy pun blm pernah sampai bali lg... sampai jg ba tu kan nannnntiii... :)

  3. Nda lama lagi mo sampai dah tu Just sebab ko pya 'nanti' pindik saja hahaha :)

  4. natalan ama tahun baru enaknya ke bali keknya walaupun cuman sebentar saja tapi suasana natal di bali itu sangat berbeda dengan di jakarta.

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