8 Jul 2013

Cellnique's b.liv Submerge Me (Moisturizing Booster) : Review

I was clearing away some of the skincare empty bottles a while ago and there's one bottle attract my attention, that was the bottle with the label "Submerge Me". 

I actually wanted to blog about this since February, hahaha.. I know that it was  delayed and to make myself feel better I kept telling myself that I should write the review after the 2nd bottle is used-up. I'm good in comforting myself too lololsss

The truth is, I don't really buy an expensive stuff for my skin because I don't want to empty my bank for it, furthermore, my close friends are using an inexpensive skincare and they still look great..  And for myself, I've to use a good skincare to stay away from pimples and horrible sebum. Hey God.. I think that you are a bit too busy up there @_@ 

You know, when you are eyeing for a good skincare and suddenly you saw it under 50% discount.. It was WHOOAAAaaaa..  Then, I quickly login to my maybank to perform the online purchase.  

I captured this image last 31 Jan 2013, it was the last day SALE. God is fair in different way, lol

The main function stated above (Deep moisturizing + brightening + age preventing) was very attractive and the 50% discount was extremely enticing, don't you think so? LOL
You can see the product overview in the picture above too. It's truly non greasy/non sticky. I didn't see shiny oily face when I used it. 

I bought 2 bottles, 50% off by cellnique is once in the blue moon ^__^

Getting 50% discount made me so happy and getting something good for my dehydrated skin made me over the moon hahaha.. 

FYI, I bought this Moisturizing Booster because my skin was oily but dehydrated, sebum was almost everywhere on my face and it was too obvious :(
That skin condition was actually known as excessive dry and it because of it was tooooo dry, it multiplied the oil production T_T

It's good that this bottle comes with a hygienic pump head, very convenient too. I love the  idea.

Here's the usage guide. Content: 45ml, not bad eh.. 

Anyway, after months of usage and I've finished 2 bottles (I used 2 bottles for 3 months), I was really satisfied with the result. Sebum and oily skin was really reduced after 14 days and the best thing was, I didn't go to any facial salon for treatment. 

Oil free face, Can go out without make-up ^_____^ 

To get this product, you can buy it ONLINE at http://my.blivskin.com/ or at any Sasa Branch. 

Products' inquiry can be done at their FACEBOOK page too. 

Dear Cellnique.. I am so looking forward for your next SALE day. Please be generous :D


  1. OOooo nice! Maybe I should try this one too once my Loreal habis. And yeah, I too, use affordable skincare saja. Used to buy SK-II ..even once went crazy and bought La Mer! But I find that they actually work the same way. Mahal doesn't mean good. La Mer's too heavy for my face, it gives my skin breakouts. :(

    1. La Mer and SK II both expensive but I knew few people who can't use it, it caused breakouts just like you had. Next time I'll try Loreal ^_^