7 Jul 2013

Happy Birthday Mr Pocoyo!!!

It was exactly a week ago when we celebrated Mr Pocoyo's 4th birthday. Yayyy!! 

We did it at my uncle's house because he was celebrating the birthday with his 2 cousins. Flinn and Lee-Ann.
Flinn is 5 and Lee-Ann is 1 year old. It was a potluck dinner, almost can be called as Our Cake Day because there were 3 different cakes served that night haha. Luckily, the size of each cakes are half kg only. 

So, it marks my 4th year being a mom too and I'm not gonna lie that these 4 years was challenging. The midnight cries, the trips to paed for immunization jabs, the playschool selection, the outstation trips and many more. 

I also wouldn't admit that I didn't do a good job lol, I can tell myself that I'm not bad at all because I have been taking care of him all by myself. We are not living with my parents or parents in law, so by the time he got sick we handled all by ourselves including his upbringing. If some of you can't imagine how challenging the motherhood is, try to make a baby and you'll experience it yourself LOLOLss. Anyway, from the bottom  of my heart, I confess that I couldn't be better than anyone of you out there who has more than one kid to raise, it is truly a big decision because parenting is one of the most challenging job in this world. And, for my friends who choose not to have kids, lemme say here one more time that I respect you equally because it is indeed a big decision and not everyone can be. 

These 4 years has been a bitter-sweet years too. It was mostly sweet, I'm very sure! He was enrolled to three different playschools and it was not because of I was being fussy but it was truly because of he was sick there, will tell you more about it next time otherwise these post will reach 50000 words, lol..

Now that he can talk even more, he's really good in expressing his likes and dislikes. I have been trying my best to train him about respect, love, courage, effort, etc etc.. So far, there are few words that we never mention in our daily life; there are 'hate', 'stupid', 'ugly' and few other harsh words. We replace it with a better to be heard word like 'don't like' or 'not wise' or 'not good'. He has been using a lot of 'please' too but once a while when he got nervous (especially to a stranger), he forgot to say 'thank you'. Besides that, he got his favourite place for dining as well and the good thing is we can always take him to other place if there's any acceptable reason explained. 

Mr Pocoyo! 

Mr Flinn, my 5 year old nephew

My 1 year old niece, Lee-Ann

A group pic with my beloved cousins, Disca and Yeo.
See the boys, they lick the cream while taking pictures.

Another nephew, Aedenn. He's the youngest among all the kiddos. That's Carol his pretty mom :D

I would like to thank my uncle for being so sporting, he has been accommodating the same mini event every year. Long life dear uncle :D

Another birthday cum potluck party coming up soon, that would be Aedenn's first birthday in October. If I'm not mistaken, there's another niece named Adele will turn 1 year old in August. So... How to stay slim like this???? LOL!

p/s: A big THANK YOU for our sister Kim for these pictures.
p/ss: Kim, cepat ko kawin. Bu neng deng liao lol.


  1. Happy buffday to ur starring! my daughter pnya turn pula putung kek this sunday.. :)

    1. Nah! Makin besar sudah Ryanna. Ko bikin kek sendiri ka Just? Enjoy the preparation :)

  2. Waaa so cute!!! Happy Birthday to your Pocoyo!

    Can't help but stare at that purple colored cake. Looks so yummy!!

    1. Thank you!! Pocoyo must be happy if he could read your message :)

      Yam cake tu, my cuz ordered from her colleague. Sedap oh LOL