16 Apr 2013


Before I write further, I'd like to remind those annoying sensitive people that this is the meaning of luxury which is IN MY OPINION. So if it's different than what you think, let me repeat one more time, it is my own opinion. 

Based on what stated in the dictionary: 

Luxury is a very great comfort especially among beautiful and expensive surrounding. 

A luxury is something expensive which is not necessary but which gives you pleasure. 

A luxury is a pleasure which you do not often have the opportunity to enjoy. 

But I think that every woman has their own 'dictionary' about the meaning of luxury, mine are as below: 

1. Real luxury is when you married the man that you love and he still love you the same even after a decades, lol

2. Real luxury is when you are married and you live in the house all by yourself (with your spuse and kids) without your parents in law or your grown up siblings or in lazy in-laws. 

3. Real luxury is when you nurture your own kids without mumbling parents in law or without relying on the nursery service. 

4. Real luxury is when you see the messy toys all over the floor as your baby is growing, you clear the mess when the baby is asleep and when the baby turn to toddler, you clear the mess together as part of training and bonding. 

5. Real luxury is not about able to travel the whole world but when you know that your family is your whole world. 

6. Real luxury is not about spending your time with your favourite friends everyday but it is a luxury when you  can see them once a while and you enjoy that opportunity at your up-most. 

7. Real luxury is when your house is clean, no ignored dirty laundry or unwashed plates/cookeries in the kitchen. 

8. Real luxury is when you are not annoyed by anyone who come home late from somewhere in the middle of the night. 

9. Real luxury is when you and your spouse preparing meals together once a while. Not worrying much about money and stuffs. 

10. Real luxury is when you live with a right system at home (all the above are included).

****** ***** 

There's a family out there who's knowing that their daily life is not so comfortable but they failed to figure out the reason. How could a married couple stay happily if they live under the same roof with their parents or parents in law? I really against this idea. Imagine, if you work in a very fast paced environment, you will need a peaceful home at the end of the day. Honestly, I am not talking about anyone who chose to live with their parents in law and enjoying it, this would rather goes to people who are not enjoying their daily life but never realize what's gone wrong. 

lalalaalala.. so luxury, haha

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