18 Apr 2013


“Because an education is a powerful thing.” ~ Angelina Jolie 

Yeah! You are right Ms. Jolie, it's absolutely true that education is a powerful thing. 
We have our own career today because of the education that we earned stage by stage for decades. 

Thank you so much to my parents! You were not rich and the daily life while schooling were not as smooth as what other kids facing nowadays, but as a grateful person I should say God is great! HE helped my parents in many ways *tears* 

Thank you to some of the daring teachers who were dare enough to throw the books to the students who were so lazy to do their homeworks, hahaha hahahaha

Thank you school principal for showing your fierce face throughout the years, it made us scared of you, lol (I swear I'd never seen my pengetua smiling, not even once, hehehe)

Thank you ustazah for being nice to everyone, incl to the non-muslim students. Thank you for being sporting to let the non-muslim to sit in your class once a while (to follow their bff, lol)

Thank you to some of the 'boring type' teacher, you made us struggling to understand the subjects that you kinda-mumbling in the class buaaahahahaa

Thank you tukang kebun sekolah (school gardeners) for smiling at us everytime we passed you by.

Thank you lecturers for being funny and so dedicated. 

Thank you uni administrator for being so informative!!!! Can I kiss you? lolsss.. 

last but not least... walaupun jamban sekolah kami dulu tidak sebersih jamban sekolah di Europe, I still wanna say thank you to the school's toilet cleaners hahaha *small font doesn't mean small appreciation okieee*

Yayyy! Hardwork paid.. ntah sepa la dorang ni, I got this from google *giggling*

Being so proud of your achievement is alright to me, let you roll on the ground happily or whatever is that.. let it be! 

BUT... what about this one: 

Ya! you are right man!! "It doesn't matter who did my assignments" patutlah time interview gagapgagapbuduhbuduh, tapi tengok results 3.8 or 3.9 lowest.. hahaha...

It's undeniable that some people do this and they still feel very proud to flaunt the result in their Facebook or Twitter.. LOL

Few years ago, I used to conduct an interview for an internship program for newly graduates (here in KK) and the   respond was overwhelming. I'd received few applications in a day and after a week, after shortlisting, there were 10 candidates qualified for interview. 

There were few times I interviewed a graduate who totally didn't sound like a recent graduate person, it was even irritating because that boy kinda a bit arrogant, cisss!!! 

Let's give a standing ovation for the real graduates below:

Clapss!! Clappss!! These graduates are truly genuine hahahaha!! They are better than those graduates who paid others to get their degree :) 

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