19 Apr 2013

Food that I dont / can't eat

When I read others' food blog, I have this suddenhunger attack. Bad! The most irritating blog is certainly food blog, lol... it will makes me endup with maggie mian or peanutbutter bread.

How to diet lah if you bloggers out there always seduced my tummy??? Sengsara eh..

Dieting is pretty hard for me because the distant of my office and food sources are unlimited. My office is just beside the kitchen and it is full with food incl icecream and chocolates yg kena pajak dari Labuan.

If the kitchen doesnt have food anymore, the restaurants are just right behind my house, at the left at  the right.. susah sa kasitau ko lah gaman!

So... in order for me to stay in shape (whatever shape incl round or batang lidi), I keep the food that I don't like or those food that I'm allergic to, hahaha.. yalah.. takan alergic mo baham juga, tamuduh!!! (Abreviation for tamaha dan buduh)

Banana - I'm allergic of this, I will get red itchy rashes

Fresh milk - instead of chocolate milk I buy the white milk bcos I dont like it. I will drink but only 2 glasses per day. as for chocolate milk, I think I can take 1 box per day. Kacau eh... ulang-alik masuk dapur and the relationship with Mr Fridge getting closer, deiiiii!!!

Plain yogurt - tasteless mah.. so I will hardly get close to Mr Fridge

Junk foods - I dont eat potato chips or other crackers, I found it boring, lol

Besides that, I would always try not to buy these makanan berpuaka:

Bambangan, tuhau, green manggo, terung sambal, daging salai, ikan masin, ikan bilis, nasi  lemak, ikan bakar and few other delicious food. These are the food that will increase my food appetite where I will ter-accidentally take 2 or 3 plates of rice.

Itu sajalah... nti tulis lebih2 terbeli pulak.

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