17 May 2013

Friendship and social networking

Holaaa it's Friday..

Some people leaving home with big smile from work, some will straight away going for happy hour, lol... 

I think some of us have seen these status on Facebook today:

"Yaaaayy... It's Friday!"
"It's Friday at last"

Have you 'like' it or you just scroll down? Lol

I think that it is important to at least like your friends' status or pictures in the social network.  They will feel good and they expect us to know how they feel. 

What makes us amused is, why do we have more than 100 friends on fb and only few noticed your pics or your status? Shall we call the rest as stalker? Hahaha.. Hahahaha 

For me, I always like or comment on my friends and relatives pics because their purpose to post it is for the people in their network to see, to read and it's kind of world' s latest way of communicating. It's like  they are talking to you thru the social network: "Hey, this is what I'm up to!" Therefore, if you seen and you ignore it, it is  rather showing your network that they mean nothing to you. It is a very different story if you are a celebrity who got a fanpage with more than 100k followers. Fact! 

What kind of friend is this: She is online everyday but she shows that she never notice anything on your faceboook, Instagram or Twitter? It's called mean fake friend (MFF)

I guessed that we can choose to ignore if the pics or status that are sex related or something that supporting vandalism. And another one; something toooooo much drama lol!!!

I think that we are not suppose to 'like' any friends' pictures that we do not like at all. What I'm trying to say here is the pictures that unpleasant to be seen. After years of networking, there was only one time I have commented to a nasty picture, I told the picture owner politely that he shouldn't share such photo as nowadays, even a 12yo boy got their own facebook account (it was a gay pic, having sex, the picture was indeed very NOT right to be shared).  Anyway, I've such an understanding friend, he didn't fire me, not at all. He removed the pic right away. He's cool :)

I always think that when your friends love their pictures, they will choose to upload it on their social network. If they do not like it why upload then? LOL 

Pictures that we should like:- 

~ Family pics, gathering, makan-makan
~ Wedding pics, engagement, reconcilatation (lol), 
~ Career/passion related pics, gifts, food
~ Newborn pics, kiddos, kids' activities
~ Travel pics or any happy pictures

Pics/status that not require "like" but a positive comment: death pics (solely my personal opinion)
Once a while we found a pic or status that we don't like but the truth is, it doesn't happen all the time. 

As long as the pics/status are acceptable, why not show your friends some love? 

For me, we are spreading the positive vibes when we support our friends for all the good/kind thing they do or they like ❤❤❤  

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