19 May 2013


I've been trying to get the right picture size for my humble blog and when I was finding the steps, most of the tutorial was using HTML changing method. I want something fast and easy without looking through the HTML format.

Seems like choosing the size when I'm uploading the pictures will not make it perfect.
The picture sometimes turns bigger than the blog width and when I click to a smaller size it's turn smaller than what I want :(

So I decided how to figure out the right size that suitable for my blog width and I will just have to choose "Original" (Not gonna pick any other size offered, lol)

Picture size 640x480 pixel (width x height)
I choose Original when I uploaded this on blogger. It's too big. 

Picture re-sized to 550x413 pixel 
I choose Original size when I uploaded this on blogger. I think this is fine :)

This picture size is 480 x 640 pixel 
Same. I choose original size as the pics above. Just nice :)

Software used: Photoshop OR Microsoft Picture Manager. Microsoft picture manager is the easiest.
Apa susah-susah use html? I used shortcut way LOL

See.. how ugly it is when the pic is out of the width haha

Feel free to drop me a message in the comment box :D

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