4 Jun 2013



Few more minutes before I go to sleep, so this few minutes will be fully used for one blog entry, time is diamond but sleep is heaven LOL

It's gonna be a quick post, the quickest in the whole planet :)

Few years ago, I was in Manila with my colleagues and it was only a 4D3N trip.

We traveled thru KLIA by MH, arrived there before evening, checked-in at Shangri-La Makati, about an hour to refresh and we straight away went for dinner.

The dinner theme was cultural, there were few cultural performance arrange for the sake of me for our group and for the other diners too.

During the dinner, everyone was invited to try out the traditional dance. They do have this "bamboo dance" and it looked like the one that you can see in Sabah... negara jiran lah katakan..

See... macam di KK LOL!!! I didn't really bother to try because I can do it with my eyes shut hahaha
been doing this since high-school @_@  

This was the closing of the bamboo dance, that's the queen of the night I guessed LOL

This one was pretty special. 
No ladies in this performance, men only. It was because through out their performance, they have to beat their breast, tok -tak-tok-tak nonstop. If ladies doing that, die lah for sure, petcahhh nenen T_T
(The round thing is a coconut shell)

Hawaiian Dance, Philippines version I guessed, it was interesting. The dancers danced better than
Beyonce or Shakira..  and their bodies are sexier than Rihanna nanananaa...

Us, not so sakai.. better take pics after the dinner LOL

The diners are invited to take pictures with the dancers too, my male colleagues were very happy as they had the chance to take pictures with the lenglui dancers.. omaigad.. lupa bini dirumah for temporary LOL 

 I was walking back to my seat after the loo visit and found my fat male colleague (an indian man) was ready to take pics with the two friendly female dancers, his both hands was on their shoulder, and with my hands on my waist, I jokingly said to the dancers "Hey, that's my husband!" The dancers said "Oh Sorry" 
It was a big laughed by other colleagues as they knew I intentionally ruined the moment, my colleague was syiok-syiok already LOLLOL!!!

The next day, we had to wake-up very early as we will be going to the island. It is believe to be haunted at night. We left the hotel with packed breakfast, went up to the tour bus and straight to the jetty. Waited for an hour for the ferry, we all were in the same ferry.

Here we were at the Jetty, waiting for the ferry to Corregidor Island

 This was our ride in the whole island, we were there for one whole day.

This is the ruined of the building where all 'warriors' were staying. It was their HQ.


The late warriors, pics taken in the museum RIP

Just for remembrance that I was here, LOL

AAAG = asal ada ambil gambar ^___^

On the 2nd day. It took us hours to reach here, just to see this @_@ 

The oldest catholic church in Manila. Super Special.
This was day 2 program too.

Seriously, I didn't buy anything during the shopping trip
as these are available in Pasar Pilipin KK haha ^_^

one of the pic that I like bcos I looked patrotic here

Nice but fragile, so I didn't buy.

The special church. San Agustin is Manila's Oldest Church.

Inside (like no other caption.. i know lol)

Haha.. failed model

For those who are lazy to walk, nahh.. use this la hahaha

We went to Mall of Asia  on the third day (the biggest mall) but didn't buy anything, there was no sale that day T_T



  1. me cancelled my manila trip last yr.. hmmm..

    1. Not really my fav destination sa rasa ni moi, tapi kira okay jugalah.. Next time kalau ada chance kita pigi blogging trip okay? ^________^