21 Jul 2013

Cheap and Good


When ladies are shopping, I normally heard something like this : 

Good things are always expensive 
Cheap things are normally low quality 


Not all the expensive things are good 
Most of the cheap things are lousy

Well.. well.. this time I wanna flaunt the cheapest things that I think good and high quality, lolololsssss 

Here they are.. 

Esprit multi purpose bag RM49.90
In my opinion , the quality is same like LongChamp but I think it's slightly better than LongChamp because the inner pocket comes with zip, LC Le pliage doesn't lol.

I'm gonna use this everyday, all the daily stuffs already transferred inside. 
What a waste if you use your Gucci or LV and have to keep it under the car seat to avoid robbers :(

This bag is very spacious too, it is easily can compete with LV Neverfull MM/GM, However, LV Neverfull never come with top zip, if you found any then it's the highest grade among the entire fake grade lol

 This Vincci  peep toe was bought at RM37.50, it doesn't look gorgeous but it's comfortable and that's the most important :)

Oh yaa.. it's light too 

Good deal eh...? I prefer shopping when sale is on :D

These two were my shopping companion.
The small man said "Don't button my jacket, like Justin Bieber" 
Duhhh.. my boy, it's not even a jacket okay.. it's your pyjamas top @_@ 

Two weeks ago I promised him that he'll get this ice-cream if he stop biting his finger nails. 
He really stopped and he reminded me to buy this today (I almost forgot actually). His present is called "Summer Cone" and it's RM2.60 only. A cheap and good present ^__^ 

This is the outlet where we bought the ice-cream for Pocoyo.
(it's located at the GF of 1Borneo, beside the Harris Bookstore). 
Their ice-cream so delicious and it's not too sweet like other ice-cream. 
mcm iklan berbayar pula =_=


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  1. Replies
    1. Yes. It was, sunday should be 48hrs LOL

  2. Speaking of, I need a new bag!! Sayang pakai my 'beg mahal' everyday.. nanti kutur. Ha ha ha! I wanna get that Esprit bag also lah.. So cute!

    1. Ya. Seems like we don't have bag spa for 'beg mahal' here in KK too. I wanted to buy black color Esprit so it would be kuturproof but stock habis :(

    2. Cantik bah the pink! I'm gonna buy the same one like yours! Nanti kalau kita pigi yumcha someday, we can use the same bag! LOL LOL

    3. Hehehehe.. ya.. glamer kita pigi yumcha hahaha.. nti kita pigi!!!!!!!!!!