12 Jul 2013

Sexy Workers

I've been a bit worry with the mess at our backyard many days ago as I saw a rat running around between the messy wood pieces. So when two jobless strangers asked us for job, it was so good because it was like an answer to a prayer lol. Not one but two strangers at the same time.  Good eh? Casual worker is good, zero contract ^__^

Since our backyard is small and the job here at home can be completed within 2 days, we assigned them to do general cleaning at site too. So, Mr Bff sent them to site, just a simple job there actually, they had to clear the pumps room, sweep here sweep there, wipe here and there to remove the dust, that's it. After a short job briefing, Mr Bff left the site and came back to the office for some paperworks. 

Then he rushed back to the site again, hoping that the minor jobs were done. 
Shockingly he found this: 

The worker was sleeping with his special bolster, he's hugging the huge manifold. 

Will you be angry to see such worker? LOLsss

We had a big laugh at this. The other worker failed to wake him up before the boss arrive, he was standing behind the boss speechless.. lololsss 

Anyway, Mr Bff didn't scold him because they're just a casual worker (a part time cleaner actually) and uneducated, and when the worker was asked, he said that he couldn't sleep for the whole night and he felt too restless. Hen ke lian.

So, the cleaning lap-lap sapu-sapu at site already done and these 2 days they'll be at our house compound again, this time they've to clean the wooden pallet at the carpark. Two of them turned-up yesterday but today, only one turned-up to work. I was curious and I asked the Mr Bff.

"Where's the other worker? Only one today?"
"Oh.. the other one is on leave, he claims his Annual Leave" 
"Wow! You are such a good employer. Do they have company trip to oversea?" I actually tried hard not to laugh when he said that. 
"Of course they do.. They can go to oversea every year, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Tiga... and the package will be like 3Days 3Nites, Free and Easy holiday like that" 

The moment he finished saying that, we both burst out laughing. It was a joke.

Mr Bff is cool and once again, it reminded me... 
Laugh at your problem and you won't feel it hard. 


  1. He is a funny sleeper, isn't he?

  2. I was expecting to see a curvy, sexy woman.. instead, I got THAT! HA HA HA HA HA

    1. This is the sexiest ever babe hahahahahaaha