2 Nov 2013

Either Cheated or Tricked

Last Sunday, I was in the mall with the little boy for lunch and there was a lady from one of the neighbourhood country approached us, she said that she's a student and she's in Kota Kinabalu for school project. At the same time, she's also here for charity job. She was selling a pen for charity fund. 

To respect my readers, I will not mention the country name or the lady's name but let's call her Sweetie (because she's friendly and sweet). 

I allowed her to talk before I asked her few questions. She shown me her College ID and it looked legit :)

Me: So you're here for this charity fund? 
Sweetie: Yes, and at the same time I'm here to complete my college thesis. 
Me: You're here to do this and who's funding your trip? I mean your airticket, hotel and others? ( it was like you can afford to travel but asking for donation? Honestly I don't want to get scammed)
Sweetie: My college is paying for my airfare and we're staying at the budget apartment here in Kota Kinabalu. (They travel in group)
Me: Wow.. Sounds like you're going to graduate soon, all the best to you. 

Then I agreed to buy the pen and she was very happy, thanking me twice :) 
One of the reason I agreed to buy was it was for charity and I sincerely hope that that lady will have less difficulty in her thesis and at least she could write something good about Kota Kinabalu and its people, lol!

Last Wednesday, when we were having lunch in Fook Yuen, another lady from the same country approached us, this time that lady tried to speak in Malay. Maybe she didn't know that not everyone could understand her Malay Terjun (lol) but good try tho.. I rejected nicely and informed her that I've already bought the same pen. I shown her the pen which was still in my bag. She left and my eyes were following her, the entire people that she approached in Fook Yuen Cafe rejected her charity request. I ke lian her a bit. 

This was the pen I bought. Ten Ringgit.
I'm okay with donation as long as it's not a huge amount. 

Last Friday, we were in Suria Sabah. Another lady from the same group approached us. That time we were rushing, so when she finished introducing herself, I immediately responded that I already bought the same pen from her team member, I mentioned the name to assure her that I really did. 

Today, I was in Fook Yuen Cafe again with Pocoyo and Mr Bff. This time a guy approached us, and before he introduced himself, he asked us if we can speak in English. 

Guy: Good afternoon, mam, sir. Err.. Do you speak English? (We smiled)
Me: No, we don't. 
Guy: Oh it's okay, I've a note here written in Malay, that is to introduce myself and my purpose to be here. 
(He handed the paper to me, written in Malay)

So I took the paper and read out loud in front of him. 
I read it in English and I jokingly changed the words. It was totally different than the one that written on the paper hahahaha..

"My name is ___ I am from___ . My purpose to come here is to do charity and after my graduation I'll be an educator. Please buy this pen, the price is RM10 only"

He was surprised but we immediately told him that we met few of his team member before and we already bought the pen. 

Anyway, since it was a relax afternoon and we already finished lunch, we had a chat with him. He was friendly and openly talked about their education programs and he also talked about the other country that he visited for his first thesis. Quite impressive.

Then I asked him if it's difficult to sell the pen and he said it really is and he said that he still got plenty of them. He said that they'll be in KK for another one week.

Me: So what would happen if you fly back and the pens are not sold? Will your thesis affected? 

Guy: No, it won't. 

Mr Bff: So what is that to do with your thesis? 
Guy: Nothing, we are actually selling this to support our expenses during our stay here. For buying food especially. 

For one second I was speechless but I didn't really show it. 
We wished him good luck and we headed to the Stationery Store.

After the conversation with that guy, I was really amused. It's not the students fault to trick that way but I think that the college is responsible for this kind of activity. 

Why the students have to travel out of their country to complete the thesis? If they really have to, then their MOE should sponsor all the necessities. They shouldn't walk around the shopping malls to get money, it was pain to see them rejected, some people not even let them to finish their introduction, siennnnn... 

I'm sure that not all Malaysians are stingy but most people rejected the donation request to avoid from being cheated.  Agree? 


  1. hmmmm, sometimes when it comes to all these donation for charity thing.. i am quite skeptical and i will always wonder if they are genuine.. you know lah, many people will just use that "charity" thing as disguise to cheat..

    1. Ya, there are too many.. in my case the I failed to scan :(

  2. hence, i don't really want to help or rather i do not want to be cheated lah.. i think it's kind of fishy that the students need to fly to other places and then sell pens to subsidize their expenses there!! the school/college should have done something about this.. it's quite ridiculous to me..

    1. But you know...the people came from the country that is highly corrupted too booooooo!

  3. Hi Fay,
    The donation didn't look genuine and definitely not for the study purpose like you said in your 5th paragraph from below. Many people fake reasons for charity so I usually don't give in to people who came to me asking for donation.

    1. Ahhh..gotta be more like you. Rejecting for good reason :)

  4. I agree, most of us will reject to donate, cause there're so many con cases around these days!
    If I were to donate, I'll ask for the company's address/contact, and donate directly to them instead.

    1. You're right! Anyway.. I start to get skeptical even if the donation campaign is conducted by NGO or the authority.

  5. This post is interesting as I often see such people in KL. They are Filipinas and would bring a guitar to croon at the food courts daily to beg from table to table for cash to help their fellow unfortunates back home. They do it everyday with their warm and friendly smiles which made me part with my money few times. I had to stop donating finally before they have to start singing for my own food. I became doubtful too in the end after seeing so many Myanmar & Cambodian beggars being brought in by syndicates. Usually the well dressed lone syndicates would stand nearby to monitor their crippled beggars at work in pasar malams. Did you hear from Chinese Newspapers how the syndicates acid-blinded and crippled those healthy humans into beggars? So horrendous!

    1. Crippled beggars are painful to see and so painful to reject. I heard about that news and sometimes, I won't read the whole report when it comes to such horrific headlines, I'll just turn to the next page at the same time wishing that karma will come fast.
      I read about children kidnapping syndicate and crippled to be beggars and it left a deep scar in my memory, I'm so weak like that :(

  6. So nice of you sparing your time to have a chit chat with them! i am a less-ke-lian person. i seldom donate specially to those who come and approach me. I will usually just ignore them. ;p

    1. I want to be like you, forget about ke lian kaaaaaan???

  7. But...but...but... the pen is PINK!!!!!! :D

    So how much lah the actual price of the same pen at the stationery? You mentioned you masuk stationery.. I was hoping that you would say you found the same pen and mentioned the actual selling price. Ha ha ha

    Btw, next time 'donate' to me la. Buy my products or service... at least you know you are really helping out a local, small, home-based girl. :P

    1. Iyaaaa it's pink and the little boy already make it broken today :(
      Haha.. I went to stationery for buying color pencil for Pocoyo actually.
      Lemme settle this house first then I'll do shopping in your e-shop, your washi tapes look damn gorgeous but I need a new washing machine instead :D :D :D

    2. aiyo. washing machine soooo expensive. buy washi tapes and deco your washing machine lar so you will have more semangat to wash kain. :D :D :D :D

      ps: bah, christmas ada open house ka you? :P