19 Apr 2014

What happened after the Instagram is invented?

Whoaaaa... see the title!! Yup, like no other title I could use for this post, I know..^_^

Did I ever blogged that my laptop were hospitalized and it made me absent from blogging? I can't remember if I did but it doesn't matter. Anyway, I had some of the important files that gone. Sad and I really had a good lesson for not doing back-up frequently. Learning through the hard way, cisss!!!!!

Let's see how instagram works through my phone's camera:)

Real picture
Picture that shared on Instagram :) 

Picture that is not shared

The picture that 'deserved'  to be on IG lol!


The real watermelon as per Instagram

The Ordinary Losun 
High Class Losun (Grade AAAAAAAAA)

Without Instagram, this world is lack of professional photographer
Thank you Instagram team :)

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  1. hmmm, bad luck to have a crashed PC huh?? and even more bad luck if you have files missing and that some are important files.. and yeah, backup your files regularly, there are now lots of cloud services which offer free storage, sign up a few to have enough space for all, haha!! so a new "excuse" to get yourself a new lappie?? :D

  2. hahaha, the creation of Instagram didn't have much impact on me, besides that i see more people sharing their "professional looking" photos on FB, because i don't have an Instagram account, haha, call me jakun~~ :D

  3. Although I have the instagram application.
    Have not started on it yet.
    Sounds fun.

  4. Hahaha I was just talking to my partner abt how Asians are so crazy about taking pictures of their foods and posting it online. And here you are! :P

    My brother does the same too. LOL

    PS: My insta is thepinkpowderpuff (not-so-active-tho)

  5. Instagram is awesome since you have to pick the best angled picture and even have to crop it 1:1 haha.