31 May 2013

Bad Bed Time

I read from somewhere (cant remember) that if you are having a difficultly to sleep, you should control your mind and body movement.

It is believed that if you empty your mind and stop your body from moving - do not move at all, you'll fall asleep within 15 minutes. Are these true?

I had one cup of hot milky tea and 2 cups of iced milky tea. It was at 10am, 1pm and at 7pm, and I can't sleep now. I remember very well that the mentioned tips wasn't for insomnia but I will try to do it tonight lololsss .. I hope that this is the way to get sleepy. I'm going to find the best position, empty my mind and close my eyes. Let's see if these method is effective to fight the caffeine affect hahaha.. I feel 77.499% regret for drinking tea.

Good night!!  ♥♥♥


  1. I read it somewhere that if you can't sleep you are awake at someone else dream.. Sounds kinda cheesy.. haha

    but I hope you slept well :D

    1. Oh Thanks Dora!! I do think it's cheesy too, sometimes we can't sleep because of facing the computer screen few mins before the sleeping hour :D

  2. Insomnia can be very frustrating huh?

    Try to relax and listen to some soft musics, it helps to sleep better.

    1. Thanks Hayley!!
      I'm thankful for not having insomnia. My caffeine consumption was too much the other day otherwise I can always sleep at 10pm LOL