3 Jun 2013

Keeping my fish fresh


You know here in kk, I will be like buying fish once a week because I think that it will not be fresh anymore if the fish kept in the freezer for too long. One day, I couldn't find a big fish at the market,  there were but it was mackerel which I don't really prefer. Then I decided to buy small fishes.  Not too small la, around 6 or 8 inches macam tu.

Because of it was too cheap (around RM6 per kg), I ended up buying too much,  tamaha betul.. lol

I bought ikan selar too :)

So, the moment I reached home, I already felt so tired because I was walking around the fish market like 4 or 5 round as I was so dilemma hahaha. Because of I was too tired and it was like already 8.30am, I really wanted to have a breakfast, hungry to death, I felt miserable. Then, the fishes,  I devided it into few portions then sumbat into the freezer without cutting or cleaning away the stomach.  Sumbat sama tinae, insang, pendek kata...the fishes were perfect.

Because of I was too tamak a.k.a tamaha, I thought I bought 5 kg altogether,  we couldn't finish the fish even after a week.

At the end of the second week, I started to worry if I have to throw some of the fish because we only ate half of the portion, imagine la every meals 2 ekor ikan, deiii half die... patutlah ada peribahasa "orang tamak selalu rugi"

Amazingly, the fish remained fresh, you know when the fish is not fresh anymore.., the eyes will turn red dan insang pun jadi pucat, it didn't happen to my fish.. fresh macam baru mati hahaha

So, it gave me a lesson that, to have a fresh fish, do not ask the seller to cut it and buy one whole fish which you can keep in one piece. Of course a bit 'ma fan' to cut it by yourself but what could be better than eating a fresh fish?

I took this out of the fridge after 2 weeks and this is how they looked after defrost.  Masih handsome lagi ikan-ikan yang dikasihi sekalian.. Now I'm not worry if the fish is 2 weeks in the freezer.

Itulah petua ikan segar saya.. the petua that I found accidentally :)


  1. Hahaha! ! I enjoy reading your entry..funny ma ikan henshomm..loll... I heard bout this before but never sempat to practice and Im not sure whether it's applicable or not. But yeah! You gave the testimony on it do it's a yay! Next time I know what to do alreDy loh! Tq for the tips!! ♥♥

  2. Replies
    1. Makasehhh... makasehh my doll!!! Next time I'll cook fish for you, silalah datang kerumah aiii.. ikan basung asam pedas gituuu ♥♥♥♥

  3. Haihhh..kurangasam punya menu..bikin tdak sabar mau pg suruh ko masak oo...
    >. <