13 May 2013

Best Buy World

Hi! Happy Tuesday!

I guessed that today must be better than yesterday because not many people really like Monday hahaha.. I actually almost can't believe that it's middle of May 2013 now. Die laaa.. the time flies extremely fast! So many celebrations had passed us; Thaipusam, CNY, Birthdays, Valentines and Harvest Festival/Gawai is coming soon by end of May.

This is my birthday month too and I am so excited, Mr Boyfriend  a.k. a mr bff (lol) already asked me "What do you want for your birthday?" Haha.. I actually will get this question for Valentine's, birthday or Christmas. Most of the time my answer will be: "Anything that useful or practical", but for this birthday,  I will specific what I want, it is simply because of I got the most useful gift last Valentine's Day,  wooo..hooooo!!! *big grin *

I remember last Valentine's, Mr Bff took me out for dinner but there was no gift. I kind of curious and started to feel that he forgot to buy any gift but at the same time, I thought that he will give me later on the way back home, lolss but there was none T_T Anyway, as a human being who loves gifts (hahahaha) I was not hopeless, I hoped that just like last Christmas, he would take me out for shopping during the weekend to choose the gift as Valentine's was on Thursday this year muaahaahahaha

Then after my shower as I was ready to sleep, I found this on my pillow ❤❤❤   

5 bottles of SKII Facial Treatment Essence and 3 bottles of Cellmunation Mask-In Lotion, extremely a useful gift :)

SKII is one of the best skincare in the world and  my skin is loving it. FYI, the Facial Treatment Essense is truly effective regardless of your skin type. If your skin is too oily or too dry this miracle water will balance it out. 

What a big surprise! (I remember very well that he didn't go out to any mall for shopping, he's busy through out the month and I was the one who was taking over the groceries purchase).

I can't help not to ask him where did he got that lovely useful gifts and he said that he bought it ONLINE. He even helped me to register so that I can buy from the same website next time. So, for my upcoming birthday, I know exactly where to find a gift hahaha

To share my happiness to all you, here is the info.. you can thank me later :D

Just some of the brand offered, they've more in their e-shop. Check it out! 

78% discount!! Shoppers will be dilemma to death LOL

HAPPY HOUR PRICE!! Go to BBW website for further info

There are too many goodies with special price at Best Buy World (BBW)
This is the best place for you to buy your wedding gifts, anniversary, birthday, mother's day, father's day and for baby shower gift (Toys are available too)
I think, for my birthday gift, I will ask for perfume or skincare or make-up kit or Bags or Haircare lololss. Isn't it wise to get a good quality gifts with huge discount?? :D 

Happy Shopping!!!

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