13 May 2013

Rules of Life

There are things that we forget to practice in our daily life, the one that we thought not so necessary; KINDNESS.

Sometimes, I feel that we forgot it, unintentionally.

 However, some people did it everyday like there's nothing else better to be done. They are the mean people.

One of them is commenting on friends pictures like the pictures' owner doesn't have a feeling.

"eee.. mata anak ko kecil sebelah, mcm mata bapa dia, hahaha"

"doiii... lucunya.. anak ko punya baju ni oversized, kasi yg ngam-ngam bah"

"Astaga... semaknya rumah ko"

"Bida oh make-up ko" 

"Rupa ko ni bida pula kalau tiada make-up"

"Sexy juga! Tidak cukup kain ko ni"

"Apa tayang-tayang cleavage? Tutup aurat la sikit"

"Alamaaaak.. ko gemuk sudah!!!"

"Yakk! Punya kurus ko ni, bidak oh"

I know that, sometimes, what people mentioned or commented are reality but isn't it much better to just leave it rather than hurting their feeling? 

While some people choose to keep quiet we thought that they are a good person/good friend who always positive, then it is more hurtful to know that she spreads lies about you. It worst when you know that, that person is the one who always talk about God 24 hrs LOL.

This world will be one step better if we all be kind to each other, don't be so mean :)

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