12 May 2013

The Boss, The Staff and the Missing Car

Last week,  I heard a not so good news from my cousin that his company car has gone missing, it was stolen at night. The car was under his custody and the boss was unhappy with the incident. 

Actually the car was parked in the house compound and the gate was locked. 

According to my cousin, the boss is not really unhappy to know that the car is stolen but he (the boss) more furious to know that all the working equipment were in the car. I personally feel that he shouldn't blame my cousin for that. The equipment are heavy and it is normal to keep the working equipment in the car especially if it is for daily usage. If the items are portable and not too huge, it's fine to be carried in out of the car. E.g: Laptop, handphone, tablet pc 

I also feel that, that boss should be more thoughtful, my cousin has been working for him for almost 5 years now. He is also very experience in QS work. Since he is that hardworking and he already made his boss a millionaire, just replace the car, the equipment and start the works again. 

Such a small-hearted mehhhhh?? 

What is the point of showing his ungratefulness to his loyal staff? He should just think of claiming the insurance after a police report, then that's it. I really feel that, that boss is being so ungrateful because all these while, my cousin has been so hardworking, there are many family occasions that he missed like father's day, our family children Christmas party, NYE etc.. 

oh yaaa.. that company car that gone missing also not a new car, it's just an old 4x4. When I say old it is actually a car that almost 10 years old and has been used mostly in rural area. Booooo... I can only smell a greediness here, LOL.. Tamaha punya boss! 


  1. Your poor cousin. We had this happen to one of our employees once. They were at their house in a gated community and had their company car stolen. We have been looking for a new fleet company for our business. We found that if we get smaller cars, more employees will be comfortable driving them. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you for dropping by! Your idea of getting smaller cars is brilliant :)