29 May 2013

Friend and enemy... The Frenemy


I have been so busy these few days, I actually wanted to blog about my trip to Bali, Indonesia but too many interruption.  I can only spend few minutes for blogging (whenever I've the chance) and it usually right before I sleep lol. Things has changed, last time I used to think or angan2 before I sleep bit nowadays I dont want that habit anymore,  it really pointless to me. I want to be a go getter person. Better than dreaming right? Hahaha.. one of my Denmark online friend posted on her facebook like this: "deciding and doing are two diff thing, doing is an action". So, I decided not to angan-angan anymore. I'll do what I've decided :D

Besides that, I was also used to think back about the things that happened the whole day, like a conversation with my old school mate, clients or anything. Haiiyaaa.. like what sabahan always say "Duii, teda-teda bah" I don't know how exactly the translation is but I think it can be translated as "You, nonsense" LOL

True, thinking about what had happened is real nonsense unless there's a problem but even a problem isn't something to think over and over again. I always tell my partner that problem will remain as a problem until it solved. Anyway, I've my tablet in hand tonight because I'm thinking about a dear friend that I think a frenemy. I would not simply state such word for her if it's not happened for years. It's matter or fact that frenemy does exist in our life. For me a real friend is a person that I know for years, been doing this and that together and most importantly she's not the one that I categorised as a hello friend. Well,  I reckon my frenemy by experiencing these from time to time:

She follow me on instagram but never like or comment any of my pics. Somehow, she did it for the mutual friends or for the public figures that she follows.

She added me on facebook but not keeping in touch, instead I'm the only one who keep doing that effort. My only purpose is to avoid a "dead friendship".

She text me once a while asking what I'm up to, what car I'm driving now, did I change my car, did I buy anything new like handbags, current skincare etc etc..

She suddenly inbox me asking me to like her online shop tanpa malu-malu.. Also asking for opinion and suggestions.. few minutes later on her facebook "agree to disagree bla bla" hey bitch, you ask for opinion and suggestion wokey!! I never expect you to say yes if you think that it wasn't applicable.

There was one day, she texted me asking what was I doing, I told the truth "counting money furiously" she asked "how much until so furious" Me: "fifteen k plus, I hate to bring cash to the bank, what a waste if I got robbed and killed. The silly client sent this here a while ago, he got no cheque book" I explained. Then few days after that,  I heard from another friend "She told me that she just received 15k cash"  uhhh...I could only slap my forehead.  She asked,  then I said the truth, then what was the problem? ?? The problem is you twisted the story. Lemme tell you, you might be little bit jealous of the cash that sound much but you might never twisted the fact if you know that I have to pay debts to the supplier and forwarding agency too. I earned really less. That cash sounds much but the truth was, supplier gave me 60 days credit. What's so good if I only earn 15%.. eff yu larrrr.. dasar hati bergiuk. 

Nowadays, after two incidents about the cash (I think some people really allergic with it a.k.a alien type of anaphylaxis), I would think twice what to reply if I were asked what I'm doing. It was certainly wrong too to tell someone how irritated I was with cash payment. It was also end up with accusation of: "You show off like that girl.. dua kali 5 sama saja sama si anu bla bla bla..." Well.. well... I can only say: "Your DNA is carrying a multiple negative genes"

Anyway, on top of all that, the easiest way to know our frenemy is the person who's always "left out", apparently.  Imagine these, you announce on fb that your long term bf proposed you,  most people congratulated you but not her... or you got your newborn baby and she apparently unaware.. she also never say anything about your anniversary and the list goes on. Briefly, all the good things that you shared she "missed it" .. impossible but it happened tho!!

Frenemy is a stalker or worst than a stalker because a stalker won't twist any facts (lol) I never know and nobody knows how our frenemies stalking us but this unkind human will not be extinct.  If you have it, take it easy because we all have our own frenemy. Deal with it and you"ll be stronger 


  1. Hmm.. I see "supplier" and "forwarding company" in this post. Apa bisnes ko buat ni?? Oh, please tell me you bring IKEA stuff in from KL to KK!! :D

  2. I sell industrial water filter etc.
    Sa pun mo IKEA ni T_T

    1. I wrote them a long email before, requesting for a consideration in opening a branch in KK. They replied in a looooong email.. practically saying "No plans yet".