27 May 2013


I had four different maids for 2 years till I decided not to take any live in maid anymore. 
Their names are Rina, Rianna and Kristina. All are Timorese. 

The reason why I prefer Timorese is because they are known hardworking.. I remember the day when I called my elder sister asking for help if she could get anyone from Lahad Datu to work as my housemaid (she lives there). She said "Of course there are plenty here... but they are illegal ~~~ lady" (she mentioned the ethnic).. She added "You want to have a maid, don't simply hantam ahhh... they simply seduced your husband and you habis lah. If they can't seduce in direct way, they are not hesitate to use PUGAI.. after that you lugai-lugai lah. Banyak sudah tu sini" 

Kinda true. I knew a guy who divorced his chinese wife and remarried to his former housemaid. Their kids are so pityful. Okay.. I decided to take my sister's advice. My main priority is mind peacefulness, how on earth I can work properly if I keep my eyes on my housemaid throughout the time? 

Then I worked really hard to get a Timorese housemaid. I printed an A5 size of advertisement, paste it on the bus stops and I drove to Penampang, Inanam and Menggatal to distribute the "vacancy" leaflet. I gave it to every timorese I met hahaha..

Then the following week, I got Rina. My very first maid. 
She is very hardworking. 
Everyday wake up at 5.00am
She can cook. 
Can clean and a loving lady too. But very talkative. Sometimes I cannot tahan. Jialat!! 
This Rina used to work with a rich family. Working with an ordinary small family like mine maybe a little bit awkward for her. I remember how she informed me that the maid's toilet light is too dim and she requested it to be changed. Okay, we did. 
She's kinda fine with her job but she has too many boyfriends. There were callers every few hours and it was annoying to see her talking and talking and talking on the phone. 
"Hello.... ini Miss Rina bercakap... sudah kamu tau saya sedang bercakap dengan kamu... kamu tanya lagi apa saya tengah buat?? Hihihihihi... Kamu ini nampak saja kacak tapi tidak guna otak.. Hihihihiihi"  

LOL!! Her laugh was the most annoying. Sometimes I wanted to laugh when I heard not because it's funny but it was too annoying hahahaha.. gila!! Then I asked her who's the frequent caller. 

She said "Ohhh missus.. itu kawan saya itu bangsa Filipino, dia kerja di construction sebelah KK sana, pernah berkawin tapi sudah diceraikan bininya" Ewaaaahhhhh!! Actually I only asked who's that frequent caller. Hahaha.. what a full info. After 2 months, she left my house. Her work permit was not approved by the immigration. The reason was, her former employer didn't extend the contract so Rina must go back to Indonesia for 3 months for cooling period before she's getting employed again. I told her that she must go back to her hometown and come back after 3 months but she must not chit-chat on the phone too frequent. She agreed. So I expected that I was maid-less for 3 months and I'll get part time cleaner to help me with the house chores. 

After 2 weeks... I wanted to go out for buying groceries and suddenly there were 2.5 timorese standing outside of my gate. 2 adults and 1 toddler - a little boy.

"Hey.. missus..!! Hey Missus!!!" They called me. 
I politely asked what did they want. The one who was holding her toddler said that her niece is looking for job, pointing at the young lady beside her. I looked at the young lady:
 "How old are you and what's your name please?" "My name is Rianna, I'm eighteen"
"You are so young, can you handle a housemaid job?" I asked politely
Then the one with a little boy aggressively interrupted "She followed her mama worked for a bigger and richer family before, you don't need to worry" Gosssshhh!! Her eyes was at my humble house, indirectly telling me "you are not rich lah.. why so worry??!!" Then I told her.. that I can only take Rianna for 3 months as my maid will be back from Indonesia after the cooling period that set-up by the immigration. 
Rianna didn't talk much but her aunt revealed something that I really didn't expect. 

She said "Eyyy missis... Itu Rina itu kawan saya, tidak payah lah kau tunggu itu Rina lagi, dia tidak balik Indon. Skrg dia kerja di Bukit Padang sana tanpa pass. Bilangnya tunggu konsul bagi pemutihan saja" I didn't believe at first and she called Rina infront of me. "Kau dengar ya missis, saya telefon dia punya henset, masih guna nombor lama. Saya akan pura-pura tanya bila dia datang rumah saya" The she called Rina, it was on hands-free. She was right. Okay since her niece Rianna needed a job, I agreed to take her. I was mentally to  get ready with the consequences of employing her as she only got her birth cert. No passport. She was born in Kota Kinabalu and her parents are illegally employed. 

As expected Rianna is very hardworking, she worked non-stop and I had to remind her for few times to have her lunch. Omaigaddd!! That was the first day she worked. 

The second day.. still the same. I witnessed it because I work from home ever since. 
At 2.00pm on her second day, Mr BFF took his Filipino workers back home to clean the backyard and to install our huge outdoor water filter. The installation took longer time because the concrete fence must be drilled. Then there was Rianna cleaning the same spot for 3 hours LOL!! She was wiping  our back door's grill, up and down, right to left with her whole heart hahahaha.. I thought the iron grill must be thinner after that day :) 

On her 3rd day, Rianna told me that she can't sleep for the past few nights, she misses her mama so much as they never stay apart. I can see that her eyes looks horrible. Sleepless. I let her go. It must be hard to work while she's missing her mama so much, they've been together everyday and she said that she's still sleeping with her mama. Kesian kan? 

Fast forward... Rianna was replaced by Kristina. It wasn't hard to get replacement as I was already received few text messages from other Timorese since the day I distributed the vacancy leaflet. I picked-up Kristina from Inanam township. It was hard to find in one glance because Timorese are common here in Sabah. Some are legal, some are illegal LOL

Kristina is a married woman with 2 kids, her kids and husband are in Indonesia. She said her village is very far, located 4 days away from Tawau, Sabah. She travelled by ship. Kristina is kind and soft spoken but a little bit lazy, she woke-up at 6.30am everyday. 

In my opinion, most of the Timorese lady that I ever employed as a maid are okay. Even Kristina who's a bit lazy still can be pushed, no need to remind her to do cleaning everyday LOL
That Kristina was weird, she mopped the kitchen floor by dripping the detergent on the floor and she used the mop to spread it. Waterless. At first I was curious because the kitchen floor never feel clean and I checked the CCTV, that's how I found it out. I mopped the floor infront of her, indirectly showing her that it was not done properly. The next day, I checked the cctv again, she did the same. After that, I mopped infront of her again, told her not to use waterless system and she kept quiet.
Some unlucky employer got a very stubborn maid who likes to 'debate' with her boss but Kristina wasn't like that :)

There was one day when I almost fainted to see what Kristina cooked for us. She used the rice cooker to boil rice mixed with green bean.. I was really surprise, how can she expect us to eat it?? HAHA
She was surprised that we never eat such recipe too.. oh my oh my!!!!

Kristina is a lavish person, everytime when she got her salary, she'll buy new shoes, new jeans and shirts. Besides that, she likes to chat on the phone but I never stop because she did it after 8.00pm where all things are already done. However, she asked for advance salary for few times. I started to tell her about saving money when she asked for advance salary for the second time. Then she asked again for the second time, this time she said her daughter at her hometown needed it for school expenses. I did it for the last time. This time, I told her that even my own expenses never reach the figure of her salary and why must she talked on the phone for hours if she knew that was costly?

Macam-macam kan? But there's something that they have in common, they stole thing.

When we had Rina as a maid, my coins purse gone missing. Actually it was not about the coins that I concern but the purse, I bought it at Coach T_T

When Rianna left, she packed few towels to go home with her... a bit funny, it reminds me how the Tour Guide in 5 star resort keep reminding their guests not to take any hotel's towels LOL (I heard this at the resort lobby 10 years ago haha)

Kristina was the worst, plates, spoon, and even toys also gone missing.. haha

Actually, the process to get the work pass for the housemaid here in KK are not too difficult, the Consulate and the immigration seems have a strong corporation. If the Timorese lady is already in Sabah and she doesn't have a work pass, the employer just need to take her for Medical Check-up and fill up the form that obtained from Immigration Department. I'm not sure if the same method is applied for whole Malaysia but I guessed that it is easier to get a maid in Peninsular as the agents there always have 'incoming' or 'ready' maids.

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