26 May 2013

1Borneo ~ getting sucks

If you are a frequent shopper at 1Borneo Kota Kinabalu, you will find that the building really need to be improved. I can see that some of the damages and non quality services are still the same after years.

In toys r us, the floor tiles are cracked and uneven.  It's dangerous for kids who sometimes running inside tgere. There are long cracked lines on the wall too.

Broken or shaky tiles on each floor seems not so crucial for the management because the broken shaky tiles are located at the compound of non tenanted units but it is still   not so good to leave it that way.

The worst thing that I hate the most is the dirty smelly wet toilet. Some of the frequent shopper brought up this issue to the management through their facebook page but until today, there's no improvement.

There is another crucial thing that the management should really look into, the baby room. I think that it is extremely important to have a baby room in each floor. How do they expect the mommies to change the nappy of their babies? Does the management ever thought of respect for the moms who breastfeed their baby? The simplest example that the management can copy is Jusco.

I'm so looking forward for a better day in 1Borneo!!!

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