26 May 2013

Random Sunday

I was expecting for a groceries trip to Survey Supermarket this evening after almost one whole day stucked at home cum office doing this and that; office documents, laundry, cleaning, printing.... and the list goes on. I am simply too busy in a way that I like it. Some people said that my life is toooooo boring but I really dont care, its her right to say whatever she likes and nobody gonna stop it, incl me hahaha. I guessed that everyone who's too busy only have have a small space in their heart for unnecessary thing and that small space will be swiftly exchanged with another better things. Like a small apartment,  unwanted things must be totally discarded because of the space constraint.

I'd got my shopping lists ready when the Mr boyfriend forever (mr bff) arrived home from work, he quickly had his late lunch at 3.30pm, he rested and played with our little boy. Then at 5.30pm we were off to 1Borneo for family hours.

It was a big sale by Parkson at the ground floor and basement, up to 70%. Mr bf got a pair of jeans at RM59.90 and a piece of shirt at RM20.00. I wanted to buy one or two bra and panty but it was too crowded at woman dept. My 3yo little pocoyo was pointing at the bras and asked me "what's this mommy?" "That is called bra, it's for women" I tried to explain calmly, not too loud as the sales assistants started smiling, same female shoppers looked at us too when he keep touching the bras. Unexpectedly,  the pocoyo said "These are so funny" he was frowning. I smiled and took him away from there, sales assistants were giggling.  Next time I will never shop for lingeries with mr pocoyo.

Then we headed to basement, Mr bff offered to go to Secret Recipe for dinner, it was almost 7pm,  I suggested that we should go to non overpriced cafe and the pocoyo choose McD. After the dinner we went to toys r us, free play at the little house. We wanted to buy the LEGO set for mr pocoyo but it was damn expensive,  almost RM300. Out of budget. He agreed not to buy, he's a cool kid I tell ya!

We entered Giant supermarket to find something compatible with lego but none, so we went to the top floor tried our luck in another toy shop. None. Instead I was irritated with the shop owner, he kept showing the RC car to mr pocoyo and they tried the demo units. While they played the demo cars I was inside the shop looking for blocks or something like lego. I found one but that was for 3+ and it was not better than the blocks that mr pocoyo already got at home. I felt slightly guilty when the shop asst and her boss kept showing us so many different type of toys. I explained politely that our boy should get a toys that is more for simulation.  The boss insisted that the toys offered are for brain simulation until I had to say "Do you actually have your own kids?" Lol.. I hope that he (the boss) wasn't upset with the way I stopped him nagging.  I didn't mean to disagree because of budget, it was because of I really felt that RC car, heli or battery operated train is simply not so interesting for mr pocoyo anymore.

After that we entered FOS, I managed to grab 2 shirts.  RM3 and RM7, super cheap. I was extremely delighted, lol.. for pocoyo I bought socks for him RM20 for 5 pairs. Ahhhhh... now I can declare myself as a Budget Queen!! HOORAY. .

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