24 May 2013

Maixara C-Sential : Review

Happy Wesak Day!!

I am excited today as it's a Public Holiday and I stayed at home for the whole day =.=

Not too bad to be at home during the PH, at least I managed to remove some of the sebum that trapped on my nose, lol.. a bit oily that part T_T

Last April, I got this collagen products to be tested and I gave myself a month to see the result. The name of the product as stated in the post's title.  In short it's known as MCS.

I received two bottles, 120 tablets altogether. Banyak eh.. 

I wrote the my first consumption date to ensure the product's effectiveness. 
As a non caffeine consumer, I normally can see a result after 2 or 3 weeks.  

This is how the tablet looks like :)

As claim by the dealers in facebook/blogs, it will improve your skin condition,  whitening,  pimples cure and younger looking appearance. Just google it or search on Facebook, you'll see plenty of Malaysian selling it.

The tablet taste sweet and sour, not too bad to be chew lol!

It's sad to say that this product doesn't work for me at all. I am not consuming any food or beverage with caffeine,  in fact, I am very allergic to coffee.  It makes me sleepy and the most annoying feeling is, it's like a hangover after a heavy alcohol intake, sigh.

I've also drink sufficient water everyday because I'm taking 2 tablets per day.

Anyway, thank you to a new friend who gave me the opportunity to try this product. I was wanted to be the dealer just like her but since it didn't work for me, I've no choice but to try another collagen product.

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