9 May 2013

The Society ~ some of them

Sometimes it's tiring to bother those people who thinks that, whatever things that she|he got are all the bestest among the bestest. It is fine if this kind of people keep their mouth shut off but the most irritating is when they're boasting about it. Am I sound jealous. No, I am not. I'm talking about the people who exaggeratedly boasting until it reach the nonsense level. For instance, when a person bought a smartphone and started to tell everyone that his choice is the best and everyone should buy the same product. For me, this is exaggerated as not everyone need a smartphone, some people simply choose a basic phone because they think that, that is the best choice for them and they have plenty of reason not to use a smartphone.  

Another type of people is someone who thinks that whatever thing she|he see seems not right, whatever opinion by others seem so wrong and they'll try to correct it on the spot (like no other better thing to do, lol)
I choose not to get bothered by unnecessary thing, whether she likes me or not, I am not depending to this miss know-it-all or the Miss Hate.

In motherhood world, there is this kay-poh mommy who thinks like she is the best mom in this planet, she likes to question other moms' choice or decision,  hahaha very kay-poh.

Just like when a mother choosen a kindergarden for her daughter and a kay-poh friend came, keep saying that, that school is not good, low standard school, that school is better, the teachers are more proffesional etc etc... and the list goes on.. Wake up!! Some may like it, some may not. Unless you were asked for an opinion or advice then carry on with your 'lecture'. It is not that you can't give an opinion or suggestion at all but it must be moderate. Let the parents decide unless you are know 100% that the choosen school is problematic.

Another kay-poh mom is when she sees a 3yo still using diapers "Astagaaa!! Kenapa masih kasi pakai pampers??? Anak saya aah, umur 1 tahun 67.4 hari sudah graduate dari pampers tau, pandai dia pigi tandas sendiri. You should potty train your kids early, this is not right" Adoiii... tondu... sudah pun anak ko tu guna mamipoko dan ko sembarang ckp pampers, ko sibuk lagi pasal anak org lain. That's so busybody. Ishhh issshhh...

Then here comes another perfect mom "Hey, have you open a saving account for your newborn baby? It's very important you know, she'll need that money to further study, if you invest now, by the time he's old enough, that money must be already multiplied to million. Tidak payah tunggu blackout, jadi byk juga.." We, every mom in this world knows that eh! But why you try to be so perfect until forgotten to that your friend was still on her confinement?? Bahahaha.. You can highlight about kid's saving but don't be to aggressive la, it's not that your friend is too stupid not to think of the future of her own kids.  *the blackout  is unreal, lol* 

There is another of people that I classified as "over stress". These are the  people who's not happy with everything they see. She/he could simply hates people status on facebook, pictures, profile pic or anything. I think that this type of people really need to sit in the cave for few days and think back on what's wrong with her. Hahaha.. 

When I uploaded the picture of my little boy wearing all in red, two of my friends asked me. "He's wearing MU jersey, are you a fan?" I answered: "No, that jersey is a present from his uncle during the Chinese New Year, my MIL is a superstitious, she wants everyone to wear red every CNY"

I am not into football at all, the last game I watched was during the worldcup where Korea was playing, but I watched it because of supporting the Asian players. It was exciting. Indeed, who wouldn't get excited when a group of Asian people is in the worldcup? That was very rare! (As I said "who wouldn't..."  but my mom and grandma for sure will not be excited at all, hahaha. Fact). That was still positive . I mean it is positive when a friend asked you directly rather than heard from an over-stress friend  saying this: "Eleeehhh.. tidak suka football konon but her little son was wearing MU jersey" Okaylah.. Miss Over-Stress, say whatever you like, I'm not gonna answer you. I am a grateful person and when my little boy was happy with his present, that made me delighted enough. Period. 

Another experience I want to share here. I was in Labuan and I had a little time for breakfast with an old friend, he's in his late 50s and very outspoken. The three of  us had the breakfast in his resort. without any hesitation, he called his restaurant staff to serve us coffee and I politely informed that I prefer to drink green tea or fresh milk. He was surprised that I don't drink coffee and it was like a little lecture when he said coffee is good, it full of anti oxidant. It can boost a better mood, blaa blaa... blaaa bla bla.. ba ba blacksheep.. lol 

I had a slight regret  for not being direct to the point, I should say it in one line without any pause, with heavy speed and firm tone wakakakakaakaka.. Perharps, I should've said like this: "Sorry, I am not gonna drink coffee because I am allergic to it, I mean very allergic, it will make me feel drowsy where the feeling will be like having a hangover after 325 bottles of chivas!" Nahhhh... but the truth is, people's respond over the things that they heard or they seen is always unexpected. Simply because we have Miss know-it-all, miss over-stress or Miss Hate in our society. 

Be though. Let's face the days ahead positively. 

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