10 May 2013

Garnier Aqua Defense - Product Review/Giveaway


Did you know that when you're walking around the Guardian and Watson there are more female than male customer? And did you realize that female customers will spend longer time inside that shop? Female customers seem like finding something to buy when the thing that they need is unavailable Hahaha.. It happened to me too.. 

2 weeks ago, I was in Guardian and I was attracted to this Garnier product, I had the urge to try out :) 

The most attractive word that made me bought it was "Non Stop Intensive Hydrating Essence". I thought it will be okay for me as my skin is always expose to the Aircond.  

This product cost RM19.90 (50ml)

When I applied it on my skin, I felt the cooling sensation and the Green Tea smell is obvious but it's good because it doesn't make my sensitive nose to sneeze, it's not a 'sharp' smell type. 

After almost 10 days of usage, I choose to stop as I felt that this product can't absorb into my skin hahaha 
I felt that my skin was like 'waxed' everytime I used it, lol 

So this product will be for giveaway. If you are a blogger and your skin is 'ngam' with this product, I'll give it to you FOC. Add me on FB & Follow my blog, that's it :)

You can collect it from my house or I will take it to you, pre-arrange the time please (KK area only)

Thank you so so much :) 

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