13 Jun 2013


On March 9, 2007 There was one family failed to fly to Darwin, Australia because of the security personnel acted like the God of Safety. Huaahhhaaaha.. sorry, it's exaggerated here =_=

The true story is, the family failed to fly because of the mother mentioned 'bomb' to her daughter in front of the security on duty. See the short story below:-

"Although the case has now been resolved, Ms Tan, 34, told her side of the story in an e-mail message sent to the authorities earlier this month. She said that she complied when the officers had asked her to take off her boots for screening. But when her 13-year-old daughter asked why she had to do so, Ms Tan explained that the officers were 'afraid we might keep bombs in our shoes'.
She claims that an officer - an employee of the Aetos security management company - asked her to repeat what she had said. Ms Tan replied that she was explaining to her daughter that 'you guys are afraid we will keep bombs in our shoes'. She was then told to step aside and, Ms Tan claims, a female security officer told her she could be thrown in jail. Even the sergeant on duty did not buy her story that her utterance of the word 'bomb' had been taken out of context.
The police were then called. They assessed the situation and said Ms Tan and her family could leave.
But by then, the family of four - Ms Tan, her husband and their son and daughter - had missed their flight to Darwin, Australia." ~ by AsiaOne

That is why, when Mr Pocoyo picked something from the supermarket, it remind me of the incident that happened in 2007. See what he bought:-

Mr Pocoyo bought this kuih at the Supermarket. 

If the same thing happened to me in KKIA and I have the special kuih above, the conversation will be like this:- 

Security: Miss, handbag kita ni mesti diselongkar, ada benda sangat bahaya didalam.

Fay: Bah, selongkar sajalah.. silakan.. silakan (tahan malu, manatau dalam bag ada biskut separuh makan or kuih pisang basi)

Security: Ini lah benda ni yang bahaya tu miss, departure hall dan flight tidak benarkan benda ni sebab namanya ialah BOMB (tone of voice si security turun, lol)

Fay: Okay... ko makan sajalah.. ada juga maggi dalam airasia nanti, saya suka maggi ^___^

Thank you for reading the story of my imagination :)


  1. Hahaha!! sempat berimagine dgn skrip skali lg tu!! Hahahahaha

    1. ya bahhh.. tu security di airport nda friendly, mokirayou juga kadang2, dei!

  2. Bomb, haha what a cute name for a kuih!

    1. I know! It's like no other name more suitable for this kuih hahaha

  3. LOL kuih bomb. :D Haven't tried that one.

    1. Not so special, it taste like kuih Bahulu LOL