14 Jun 2013


Remember the other day I posted about scammer who named themselves as Telekom Malaysia? 

Please click HERE if you've missed that. 

The same company called again today at 4.20pm. 

This time the caller was a guy. 

"Hello, ini company xxxx ker?" He was checking whether he's calling the right number. 

"Kamu cari siapa?" 

Then he asked the same question "Ini company xxx ker?" Pilak slang Kay El yo! 

Then I asked him (little bit naik darah liao hahaha) "You call from TM ah?" "Ya" 

"Listen. I already told your colleague many times, don't call here again" 

"Okay, takper.. takper" He hung-up. I suspect that he can't understand a simple basic english.. 

Buruknya =_=

I really think that the callers should look for other job. I wonder how could they sleep tightly at night. 

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