7 May 2013

Scammer ~ "from Telekom Malaysia"

Hi!! This is the full story of the scammer who acted as TM agent. I wanted to finish it last night but I was sooo sleepy to finish it.

Their first attempt was in November 2012 and the attempts continued in December 2012. This was last year but I still want to blog about it to prevent others to fall into their trap. 

In November 2012, there was a man called me telling me that there is an outstanding of my telephone bill. He called out landline. So to avoid further conversation, I told him that I will pay to TM directly. He insisted softly, telling me that I should just provide him a credit card number and they can do direct billing. I disagreed. I informed him one more time that I really prefer to go to TM office to settle any matter. The conversation ended. The reason why I was really wanted to end the conversation was, the caller doesn't sound like calling from TM and his accent is not like those Sabahan or other Malaysian who are calling from TM. He was really sound like pilak. So, I decided that it was better to end the conversation than keep negotiating with someone who failed to act, hahahaa.. menipu pun ketara bikin meradang bah!! 

Then, a month gone. I almost forgot about the scammer but another phone call received from a lady. The same introduction given, the lady sound so polite. 

Lady scammer: Selamat pagi, saya panggil dari Telekom Malaysia. Untuk pengetahuan cik, telefon cik ni ada tunggakan sebanyak RM249.00 

Me: Okay, nanti saya datang TM untuk settle. (Malas layan)

Lady scammer Kalau kamu tidak ada masa untuk datang TM, guna credit card saja supaya kami boleh buat direct billing. 

This time, I was curios to know, where the lady called from actually? Then I started to dig some information. I tell you ah.. this caller never able to talk in english. Sikit pun tiada. There's no standard like calling from TM at all. 

Me: Sekarang credit card saya tiada sini tau, tertinggal dalam kereta. Boleh saya call balik? Then she gave a contact number to call back. The number started with 088-73xxxx. I googled the number and it was not any TM branch. I decided not to call back and expected that she'll call me back instead. She did. She called back on the next day. 

Lady scammer: Boleh saya dapatkan nombor credit card hari ini? 

Me: Saya sudah buat keputusan untuk tidak bagi credit card number dan saya sudah check status tunggakan dengan TM Sadong Jaya, staff TM yg bertugas sudah bagi confirmation, telephone line kami tidak ada sebarang tunggakan. 

Lady scammer: Dengan siapa kamu cakap disana? 
Me: Dengan branch manager (Tipu!! Actually I just called TM 100, not sadong's branch. Malas bah cakap banyak, itu perempuan punya pilak slang mau-mau sudah keluar, ketara dia control berabis). 

Lady scammer: Tapi TM mmg arahkan kami untuk kutip tunggakan? Kenapa pula TM cakap tiada tunggakan? Mana office kamu ni? 

Me: Sini Telipok. Ehhh? Kalau kamu called dari TM bukankah kamu ada access untuk check details kami? Kenapa kau tidak tau pun alamat kami? (I was pretending, started to get angry but still under controlled). 

Lady scammer: Oh, sebenarnya kami ni authorised collecting centre yg mmg TM appoint. TM bagi record penghutang saja. 

Me: Boleh tolong jangan call lagi? Saya mmg sudah dapat confirmation dari TM yang line kami ni tidak ada tunggakan satu sen pun. Lagipun, kalau kau ni pengguna TM, takan lah kau tidak tau yg talian mmg kena potong kalau ada tunggakan. Tidak sampai dua bulan tunggakan, TM mmg akan potong punya. Thank you ah.. tolong jangan call lagi. Kalau kau insist juga, pigi lah kau sendiri datang TM dan suruh TM personnel call kami sendiri. 

Lady scammer: Okay (dan terus letak telefon mcm tu saja, tiada etiquette langsung). 

The next day: 

The phone was ringing again: 

Lady Scammer : Selamat pagi, Sayer panggil dari TM, boleh sayer cakap dengan Miss Fay? (Ni kali slang semenanjung lah pula. I knew that it was from the same caller, the scammer. But this time, she used one kind device or maybe a software to soften the voice and somehow it was still recognizable) 

Me: Selamat pagi.. Can you please speak in English?  (Darah mendidih, I decided to bomb her kaw-kaw this time. It was my super busy day where shipments were arriving, customs clearance were still pending and forwarding agents were requesting for documents for clearance). 

Lady scammer: Mcm ni Miss Fay, telefon cik ni ader tunggakan, cik kena bayar cepat..... (she wanted to say more but I interrupted, cannot tahan already, bikin geli pula slang palsu dia tu, ada terlebih dari yg ori, lol)

Me: You scammer!!! Ko tau kah staff TM tidak mungkin tidak pandai cakap English. Saya tau juga ko bukan dari TM, tidak payah lah ko berslang ala-ala orang KL sana. Kau paksa saya bayar RM249 pun tiada guna, dengan RM249 tu.. ko bukan jadi kaya pun. Boss kau juga yang untung!!! Sudah-sudah lah tu, pigi cari kerja lain. 

Then she hung up the phone. Letak saja macam tu... That was the last called. This case was reported to local TM, they did something or not I'm not sure.

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