7 May 2013


Today I got a caller and when the caller started to talk I hung up the phone, he was talking halfway. It was a man. 

Caller: Boleh saya tahu siapa bercakap? 
Me: Boleh saya tahu kamu cari siapa? 
Caller: Saya panggil dari TM, Telekom Malaysia. Menurut rekod kami, bil telefon kamu ni ada tunggakan sebanyak....... 

After I heard that "tunggakan" I straight away put down the phone.. It might sound rude for you but let me explain here. 

That was a call from a scammer. They have been calling my landline since last year. As far as I remember, that was the 5th call and that was the very first time I hung-up the phone. I really fed-up already lah! 

When they called me during the 4th time, I was already very angry and some sarcastic words came out of my mouth. 

Full story to be continued... very sleepy..... =.=

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