17 Jun 2013

Father's Day 2013


I was in Karamunsing Komplex yesterday, main purpose was to cut my hair but the salon was closed. 

Nah.. wash your eyes with this..  I'll treat you next time, call me maybe :) 

So I was enjoying my favourite drinks at the first floor, the Easy Way Cafe. This outlet is clean. I saw an "A" sign on their wall, awarded by DBKK. "A" means very clean.

Mr Pocoyo and his dad join me after they in and out from the toys shops and IT shops and at last they found a  mini fake Lego from the toy shop at the ground floor. They were busy assembling the fake Lego while I was busy drinking haha.. such a meaningful Father's Day. 
This is made in China LEGO, it's only RM4.90
It's a forklift with a driver, lol

My next table was occupied by 3 siblings, the two sister were sitting with their down syndrome brother. My heart melted. 

That's the three siblings behind Mr Pocoyo

How many times you'll see such a sweet sisters in your whole life? This is really rare. One of the sister was feeding their brother while chit-chating. When they left after yamcha, the other sister was holding his brother's hand. Too sweet to be seen and too sweet not to be shared here :*(

After that, we left to Upperstar Damai for simple Father's Day Dinner. 

Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce (RM14.95++)

Taco Mexico (RM7.95++)

The food in Upperstar is actually very simple and they serve quite fast. It is suitable for 'rushing' people like me, hahaha

I hope that you are reading this at midnight and I'll be happy if the food pics make you hungry because it happened to me everytime I visit your blog (the one with food pics) T_T 


  1. Yep, it's rare to see siblings like that. And when you see one (especially me)... it never fails to make my heart melt. :(

  2. Jane & Just - I was so touched to too, mata berkaca-kaca sudah that time!