18 Jun 2013

Dear Men....

I decided to cook for our dinner tonight as I actually always prefer to have home cooked food. It was just a simple menu and small portion because only 3 of us in this house, 2 adults 1 toddler. On the day when we are too busy, we will be having meals outside. 

I always feel lucky because my boyfriendforever is not a fussy man, he'll just eat whatever food served to him. He never have any special request like rendang ayam, chicken curry, fish head from the moon or whatever. I'm so happy, thank you Mr Bff :)

When I was washing the veggies, I suddenly remembered that not every woman has such a good man in their life. Sometimes a man can simply get angry because the wife's cooking is not what he wants. It is fine if the horrible man get angry and stop eating or just walk-out heading to a five star restaurant but some animal man will beat the wife (this one is a mentally sick abusive man). 

I know someone who is excessively controlled by their husband. She has to ask for permission for anything that she does. Just like when we planned for a steamboat mini gathering in Bukit Padang, her respond was "I can't decide now, gotta ask the 'boss' first." I actually shocked, this is 2013 and this kind of man still exist, it's like a communism LOL. I do understand why some wives have to say "I can't decide now, check with my husband first" It is because they worry that their husband has pre-arranged something for the family or the husband might already got an important appointment on that day and the wife should look after the kids. This is totally a different case. Let's talk about those who asking the husband for the sake of permission. Uhhh... 

When we went for Christmas shopping with a group of friends, she was the last one to RSVP although the day was planned 2 weeks ahead. Funny but true. If the husband is a king control because of she's heavily clubbing or there's a history of unfaithfulness, it makes sense that she should be controlled. But in her case, her husband is the one who was once unfaithful. Frankly, I'm not sure if it was once, maybe more LOL. The worst thing is, her husband is a man who loves to sit in a club drinking till half dead. Sigh.

Whatever is that,  I personally think that, that lady is simply tooooo silly to live this way. I wished that every woman will live how they wished. It is so wrong to be mentally tortured. We, as a woman should love ourselves all the times. If you let yourself tortured by your husband it's not called love, it's called stupidity because true love should not be that way, it should be sweet and happy. Although relationship sometimes turn sour, it shouldn't be most of the time.  

What I think about women is, they don't need a man who can give them a luxury car or a beautiful bungalow, all they need is true love.

A man who knows what true love means should have these criteria:-

No polygamy
No flirting around, no hamsap-ping around
Not spending his money unnecessarily like excessive alcohol
Working hard for his family
Spending some time for his wife and kids
Sharing the house chores with his wife

There are still many more criteria that I haven't mention but I think, the most important is respect.
And of course, every women should love their man equally!


each individual is the reflection of their love ones.

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  1. mau nda mau kena jg tnya boss owhh... huhuuhuh

    1. Itu lain tu Just.. itu informing, who knows the boss already arrange a romantic dinner for you, kan rugi LOL

  2. Ya bah. I also have a friend who, everything has to ask permission from the husband first. Not that we're not supposed to ask for permission (out of respect, I understand) ... but, when the husband went outstation for work and we asked her out to join us makan-makan, she goes, "Kejap. I kena tanya abang dulu." Like, ZOMG??? Husband so jauh also have to ask permission to go out makan with us? We're a bunch of dangerous woman, is it??


    1. ya, same case Jane, the one I mentioned pun sama, the husband was outstation when we tried to go for makan-makan. The husband knows us well some more.. dei!

  3. Glad to know that your Mr bff isn't a picky eater, mine too, so it's always easy for us to prepare meals for them.. Hehe.

    1. Haha That's cool. I know how grateful you are Hayley!