7 Jun 2013


Howdy Friday!!!

Today's on of the to-do-list is to collect payment from the client in Karamunsing Complex. So I decided to depart from home at 10am, Mr. Pocoyo escorted me but he's the VIP, I was the driver and tukang bayar for his this and that.. ibu mithali T___T

I kind of wasted my own time, when I was ready to go, the house was already locked then unlocked again. I was doubt whether I have already off the aircond or not. Okay masuk rumah, cek... it's been switched off. Deiii!!! 

Then I rushed the Mr Pocoyo to put on his shoe while I was locking the door, we headed to the car then I found out that I forgot the car key... went in to the house again another locking-unlocking.. adei deiiii.. 

Then started the car engine, ehhh gate belum buka lah.. I dug my bag, looking for the gate remote control.. korek sini sana, pockets.. lagi.. okay, nasib baik ada LOL.. Okay, jalan! 

Sampai Kompleks Karamunsing we straight away headed to the lift, then suddenly I realized.. 

Adoi! Apaini... me very glamour with selipar jipun???? I was going to a corporate office man! Flip-flop isn't appropriate. Geramnyaaa..  It's okay, no choice but to buy a pair of cheapest presentable shoes.. 

Then I bought this cheapest shoes. RM29.90 only. The brand is so canggih until can't be read. Tanpa malu-malu, I told the cashier that she doesn't need to pack it as I've to wear it straight-away.. and it made the cashier to look at my glamourous selipar jipun, perlu tinguk mehh?? 

Selipar jipun utk cuci kereta T_T.. kitaiii

I put on the newly bought shoes and headed to the client's office, payment taken and there was minor discussion there too. By that time, we were ready for lunch, so we went to the 2nd floor for Chicken Rice (sorry gals, setakat nasi ayam x payah ambik gambar .. next time I'll take pics when I'm dining in Hyatt, hehe * ntah bila)

After that, we supposed to go home but the Mr Pocoyo said he wants to go to the toyshop at the first floor (The Lowe's). He tried to choose some toys for a long time but found nothing interesting. Eventually these was what he choose. I feel  so glad actually. 

This is one of the best 'toy' for pre-schooler

Next we went to McD for ice-cream. After that we went to the electrical shop at the basement. I had to check the cooking hob price. I saw one of the Electrolux Hob the price is  RM769.00 

My cooking will be as good as 5 star hotel Chef with this ehemmmm...  cara pujuk hubby utk sponsor
(sorry for the blur picture)

After the visit to Electrolux dealer, Mr Pocoyo wanted to go up to the 3rd floor to see computers but I suggested him to go to hair saloon and without thinking further he requested to go home, yaaayyyy! At last pulang juga ni budak.. 

Now we are at our home office, did the most important thing and I managed to post a quick entry. 

Have a fabulous weekend friends! 

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