5 Jun 2013

Quick Make-up

Sunday, 31st March 2013, that was the wedding day of my bestie; Mei. The wedding ceremony was in Tuaran and I decided to arrive at 11am.

As I always busy, I failed to put on make up from home. I only managed to bring a pair of clothes for Mr Pocoyo and his snacks, just in case he doesn't like any of the food served there.

I planned to make-up during the journey,  I had a handsome driver, woohoo!

So, rushing punya rushing punya rushing, I just grabbed my make-up kit without checking and see what I had inside:

No eyeshadow
No blusher
No eyelash curler
No eyebrows pencil.... wth wth wth

I had no choice but to use whatever I had in hand.

To make an eyeshadow, I blended the lipstick and eyeliner with my finger to create brown color haha
It does look like a shimmery brown, lol

I used the eyeliner for my brows, luckily I had dark brown pencil, lol

For blusher, I used my lipstick,  tap it on my cheeks and use my finger to make it even. Just a little bit only.

Here's the outcome. Not too bad I guess, my make up looked natural :)

I survived that day :D


  1. klu sy tu.. mcmana kluar rmh.. gitu ja laitu.. unless special event kan.. minta urg mekap ja.. kikiki..

    1. Hihihihihi... mmg siok kalau MUA yg kasi mekap. Di Bodyshop RM35 saja tu tapi rambut tidak included la :D

  2. Very natural make up..you look great. :)

    1. Thank you so much, thank you for dropping by here too ❤❤❤