25 Jun 2013

Taylor Swift's Banana Man LOL

Hey look at what I found.. This is the facebook of the man in Taylor Swift music video "Ours". His name is Luther Lewis.

We're now e-friends, LOL.. Someday, I'll go to Nashville and we'll be having yumcha session near Taylor's Luxury Apartment..  hahaha what a dream! Even myself feel tickled with my own dream bahaha haha.. geli!

He's real funny and Taylor Swift loves funny people.  

"Hey you? What's wrong?" Hahaha ..  

"Good Bye Banana Man.. I'm off to airport to see my boyfriend, enjoy your banana!"

His real face without the exaggeratedly made silly face LOL
Handsome eh?

He got his own version of "Ours", the spin-off version haha! Please take sometimes to watch because it's really funny. Hahaha.. Me and my Insomnia + funny video.. gonna be sleepless for a week.. choyyyyyy! 

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  1. LOL! This is funny! But this man looks a bit familiar to me~