26 Jun 2013

Travelling to Guangzhou China

When Mr Pocoyo was 9 months old, we took him along with us to China for business trip. We were there for a week and we entered China through Shenzhen Airport from KKIA.

It was pretty challenging as we had to reach Guangzhou by speed train from Shenzhen. It was because of we had a meeting in Shenzhen in the afternoon and headed to Guangzhou in the evening. 

My baby looking at the receptionist, he loves the counter top.

The only baby in the meeting room 
one of the primary school in Shenzhen, so nice compared to most of the schools in Sabah

So after lunch we headed to Guangzhou by speed train. Journey was smooth, our friends took us to the train station. I was so glad. 
Lihua Hotel, we stayed here.

It was so much fun to explore the places around Lihua Hotel as crossing bridges are everywhere, very safe. We bumped into a man who tried to sell the hotel rooms (the illegal middle man), we told nicely that we already booked in advance, LOL. You can see few illegal reseller by the bridge, I think that it was because of Guangzhou's most convenient hotels are always fully booked. I don't want to complain about the illegal middle men at the bridge because I personally feel that they're better than a beggar. I'm not sure.

Frustrated. He failed to climb up to the bed.

You shopping here die-die with  Lady Gaga's Bad Romance played out loud on the air but none of the shop owners or shop assistants can speak English.. hahaha .. But it is a shopping heaven too, no one will laugh if you speak lousy mandarin here Syiok!! Very Syioook!!

The Shopping Place

Beautiful City 

It's not really hard to get a food nearby our hotel because McD is in the same building. Besides that, eateries are everywhere too. I was so glad too because at the underground of the hotel that we stayed, there's a food court where Teo Chew porridge was available. Suitable for babies :D 

Early morning at Guangzhou train Station before we headed back to Shenzhen. It was 7am + 
The weather was cold and windy when we were in Guangzhou, it was like 16 deg C, windy made it colder.
The train station is one of the most crowded place in GZ and as you can see behind us, there were thousands of people in and out in the terminal building. It was a rushing morning where we woke up and straight to the train station to take the morning train. Undone hair without make up T_T   T_T 
Well, it's okay.. it was fun to travel with a baby, less worry and not missing him :)

Guangzhou is one of the place that I will visit again and again... most of the people are friendly and helpful. When we walked to around the wholesale stores the people were so attentive and they don't force you to buy. I'm not sure if  everyone experienced the same there but so far, it was harmless to ask the price. They didn't show any aggressive approach too.

Travelling with baby was not a familiar scene by the local people here.. or I should say, seeing a baby is something special for them LOL. They always showed the excited feeling when a baby entered their shop. I thought the people were acting hahaha... but I had a chat with the concierge man at the hotel and he said it's because of babies are limited in China, each family only can have one. Some couple who struggles to make a  living choose not to have baby too. Kasian juga oh! Hen ke lian lorrrr.. 

They were playing in the train, we were heading back to Shenzhen for a night.

We stayed at Shenzhen for a night (nearby the airport) as the flight to Kota Kinabalu was around 11am on the next day. It was by AA. 
One of the sweetest pic of them

Daddy and little boy was enjoying the scenery through the hotel window. Now, this baby is no longer as 'tame' as this, he spends half of his day running and Q & A with the mom @_@

It was a good day when we flew back to KK, flight was on time and the customs clearance at the BKI airport was smooth too.


  1. Siok! If it was me (with my sucky Hakka and Mandarin).. I think I might be lost in translation. Ha ha ha

    1. mu mandarin pun sucky jg! hihihihhi...

    2. Steady saja bah.. Mandarin kita 2x5 sucky ni tapi yg penting tau tanya dimana tempat makan.. hehehe

  2. i'm dying to visit beijing before exploring other city of China! ;p

    1. Me too Just.. blm pernah pijak Beijing ni, great wall tu yg sa mau pigi, limpang2 sana hahahaha

    2. hahahahah... limpang2 lg tu! hahahaha... sambil gulik2 la ba kan... hihihihih

    3. ngam tu gulik2 moi.. sa jadi photographer ko lagi hahaha.. Mari kumpul duit.. kita pigi Beijing :)