28 Jun 2013

Clean Water Awareness

You knowwww.. *bisik-bisik mcm mengumpat*
We have an outdoor water filter installed right after the water meter and it is my duty to perform the backwash which I did once a month (such a lazy me). 

Anyway, no matter how lazy I am, I managed to snap some pictures when I did the backwash. 

Super dirty water being flush out of our home filter. Yuck. Our kidney must be suffering badly if the water is not filtered. Macam kopi.. LOL

At this moment, we have 2 types of water filter at home. One is outdoor type and another one is counter top type. 

The one look like a vertical tube is a ceramic filter, another filtering stage before the water enter the 'white color box'.
Inside the white box is another 3 stages of filtration. 

Although we already have an outdoor water filter, I guessed that it's not 100% clean as the ceramic filter is always dirty and I have to use the sponge to rub it weekly. 

So, to have a better water quality, we gonna install double stage water filter outside of the house very soon. We have to do it quick because most of our laundry are in white color especially the towels, bedsheet, blankets and soon.. school uniform. I've checked the price and it cost around RM1.5k for two stages filter. This price is without the installation and plumbing cost. After the double stage water filter is installed, I think that we do not need the ceramic filter in the kitchen anymore. No more rubbing job :D

Looking at the quality of non-filtered water, I think that every parents have to install a water filter at home for the sake of their children. It's very important as water contamination could happened anywhere, even in an advance city like Sydney

If you live in an apartment, the most suitable filter is like this one:
The brown thing is the used fiber filter. It must be replaced within 6-12 months

Due to health concern, nowadays, even countries like Singapore and Japan (which is strict in water quality control) encouraging the residents to install water filters and the water filtration industry is booming. The shops are easily found.

In my opinion, since we live in Malaysia (which is maju not maju, mundur not mundur lol) water filter is very important.
If some of you could buy sufficient stock for your cigarettes, why not use the money for something better? 


  1. We have an outdoor water filter too. Oh I think we need a good water filtration system for the inside..,currently using a basic water filter.

    1. That's a good idea, the pipes from our main source is not the highest grade of stainless steel so it's risky after decades of usage.

  2. Mmmm.. maybe it's time for us to get a water filter as well. The only thing that enjoys a water filter in my place right now is the koruk in the aquarium! :P

    1. hahaha.. send my regards to your koruk.
      Koruk is rock and tough :P

  3. Filtered water is Australias premier manufacturer of filtered boiling and chilled water units for use in private and commercial applications. Manufactured in Victoria and represented nationally.

    1. HOLA Aussie!! Thank you for visiting my humble blog :)