2 Jul 2013

Magnesium Deficiency .

In 2008, I had an unknown sickness which made me extremely unwell.

I had an extreme tiredness, whole day dizziness (vertigo), low blood pressure, moodiness, IBS and uncomfortable v zone @_@

So I went to see one of the doctor, a female GP. She was unsure what to do but she asked me if I were pregnant, taking drugs or lack of sleep. I said NO to each of her questions because back in 2008, I had no facebook nor active blogging, I slept on time every night. I never waste any of my time for favourite drama or movie too, at the end, she suggested to me to have a medical check-up. Somehow, I couldn't remember what was in my mind but I told the doctor that I might be lack of calcium (lol, mcm pandai)

I'd agreed to have the medical check-up
and she took some of my blood to be sent to the lab but the blood intake wasn't smooth  because of my blood pressure was low and it couldn't fill-up the blood syringe. When the doctor was trying to get more blood, the blood inside the syringe was bubbling and she gave up when the syringe was about 80% full. She was talking to herself: "hopefully this is enough"

After 2 days, the medical check-up result was out and there was no illness detected, and there was no such thing that I was lack of calcium. Hahahaha, so we got to eat plenty plenty  of pizza and other food that contain cheese :)

The only detection that required serious attention was I never had Hepatitis B antibody.  That was dangerous because Hepatitis B has no cure. I can't stop thanking God for protecting me all these while. So, I had two jab sessions for Hepatitis B protection. 

So why was it, I had such an unknown sickness? I never see any specialist to find out because the medical report stated that I was actually 100% okay after the antibody injection. 

Another months gone, it was almost the end of 2008. I still felt unwell most of the days, but it was not like sick, just tired, lethargic and so inactive. It became worst where I thought that I had a V-zone infection. So, I went to see the OBGYN, my womb got scanned as part of the checking and he said that I must go for pap smear test. With all my pride and shyness that gone erased by forced, I was on the clinic's bed "EXPOSED" to the male doctor for the very first time. Meiyou pan fa!!!! Apa boleh buat @_@

After a couple of days, the result was out. Again, there was nothing detected as dangerous. Nothing at all. 

But why I ended-up at male doctor? I still wanted to karate the Mr BFF for this. He said: "The most important is to see the right doctor, don't go for GP. All you need to do is, tell him your problem and he'll supply the oral medication accordingly. That's it." I tell you... he was telling me this while I was sitting in his car and that time, he already parked the car right at the entrance of the clinic. My soul dead when I was on the clinic's bed, killed by my own husband. Kitai betul!

2  or 3 weeks gone, my self-esteem was reaching zero. I think you will feel the same if you were in my place. Felt unhealthy, uncomfortable and all I wanted was to be healthy again. Then I decided, to go for another check-up. This time, I wanted someone who's experience enough, someone that I don't feel hesitate to ask many questions and I was wanted a female specialist whom I expect had gone through the same female problem just like what I faced. LOL. It was hilarious when I think back. Mesti sama-sama ada penyakit meh??? You sick, I sick like that.. hahaha

Then I found Dr Helen Lasimbang at Sabah Medical Centre. I called up, the staff said the available slot will be 3 days after, but I insisted to rush it. She said "Okay, just come tomorrow, as early as possible. You might be able to go in if other patient is late or cancel the appointment" 

So that was the day I first met the beautiful obgyn, Dr Helen. She looks so matured, so experience and I guessed that she must be married with at least 2 little kids. LOLOLssss.. 

I got scanned and another session of bottomless. No problem. Very less shy this time. 
She scanned my womb left and right, upward, downward and she got a big smile and said "You know why you have something like a vaginal infection? You are actually pregnant and it is so normal to have that, as long as it is not itchy or greenish, you don't have to worry. Just ensure to use pantyliner and change it frequently, it will stop soon, but if it doesn't, it might stop in the 3rd trimester".  

That was indeed a happy day!! The pregnancy was already reaching the 7th weeks, OMG. Mr BFF was speechless and he was happy.  Actually, we were already had a talk about babies and he was talking about adoption if we couldn't get our own. I left home with calcium supplements, multivitamin-minerals and Folic Acid. 

To cut the story short, the V-zone back to normal but it was a miserable pregnancy until the 2nd trimester.  I was vomiting badly, dehydrated and I was like half dead. My MIL said it was the worst morning sickness that she ever seen in her entire life T_T

After our baby boy was born, I was still taking the supplements (except the Folic Acid) till he was 1 year old because he was breastfeeding. I still felt unwell but it wasn't too bad, I believed that it was because of lack of sleep due to babysitting. Mr Bff and me took the baby to the park and wee take turn for jogging for the sake of being healthy. 

So the baby have grown up, and it was January 2013 when I felt the same sickness again, very moody, lethargic, dizzy and start to have minor cramping during the period days. I decided not to see a doctor but I kept monitoring  my diet. I did some research through  google too. 

My own research makes me realize that I was actually having a magnesium deficiency. All the symptoms were similar and I decided to buy a Magnesium Supplements. 
There is one thing that I would like to share here; Magnesium deficiency will not be detected in the blood test. That was why my medical check-up didn't show any 'defect' except the nonexistence of Hepatitis B antibody. Sigh. 

You can see the symptoms of magnesium deficiency as below:- 

Source : Click Here

"Some gastrointestinal diseases (such as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and ulcerative colitis), diabetes, pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism (high thyroid hormone levels), kidney disease, and taking diuretics can lead to deficiencies. Too much coffee, soda, salt, or alcohol, as well as heavy menstrual periods, excessive sweating, and prolonged stress can also lower magnesium levels.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include agitation and anxiety, restless leg syndrome (RLS), sleep disorders, irritability, nausea and vomiting, abnormal heart rhythms, low blood pressure, confusion, muscle spasm and weakness, hyperventilation, insomnia, poor nail growth, and even seizures" - University of Maryland Medical Centre

For magnesium deficiency and vaginal infection: See HERE

So if you experience a vaginal infection, don't be panic. 
Every man should know this too, please love your wife all the times :)

If I knew about Magnesium early on, my pregnancy should be fine. I shouldn't have a terrible morning sickness. Therefore, my next pregnancy will be 80 times better than the previous one, lol 

Wellness Mama blog about "How I Avoided Morning Sickness". Read it if you are planning for pregnancy.  Besides that, there are also plenty of info about magnesium and pregnancy if you google it out :)

As for my health, it is so much better than before. The only not-cure-yet is my allergic to caffeine but I think it's okay to avoid coffee because caffeine will deplete the magnesium in our body. 

Just a brief info on my daily diet:- 
Less Rice
More green leafy
Soy bean
Calcium and Magnesium Supplement
LSLS (Less sugar, Less salt)

I hope that non of you have to go through  what  I had because it was depressing. So, let's have a good diet!



  1. LOL, thanks to you.. all I had in mind while reading the rest of this post was "calcium". Ha ha ha

    Oh gosh.. must find this Dr. Helen Lasimbang when I have girl-problem again. But she retired, you said?

    1. one of the blogger "de engineur" commented that she's now lecturing in UMS eh..

      Hahaha.. I thought of calcium because milk was almost never exist in my food list. Bloated bah :)

  2. there are several forms of magnesium supplements sold in pharmacies. i usually take calcium tablets which contain not only magnesium but phosphorus as well. :) it works well for me.

  3. Sorry to hear about this...

    But health is wealth, really have to take good care of ourselves!

    Hope things are fine now~

    1. Thanks Hayley! Things are fine and back on the right track :)

  4. I was googling for something and your blog came up in errr 6th page hahahahah. Hope you are much better now :)