7 Sep 2013

Whether You Are Fat or Skinny, Be Kind..


Happy Saturday!!!

Look at this: 

Does this book inspired those not skinny to call skinny people as 'Skinny Bitch'??

What lead me to this book? I was wondering why some fat people called skinny people as Skinny Bitch then I found this book. 

You know, some bad experience make me a person who practice a critical thinking before I assume any answer for everything - in any aspects. However, I know that somehow, no matter how much you're trying to avoid any miscommunication, some people will think differently about what you've said without thinking further, just like what I wrote in Weird April. So, as they said, life goes on but because of that nasty experience, I intend to be choosy on to whom I want to talk to and to whom I would share things. It's better. 

Therefore, instead of asking someone face to face, I blog most of the things that I found amusing, including this "Skinny Bitch" topic.
 I really think that in blogging world, we choose to 'hear' each and other openly. LOL. Funny but true. When things are written, I hope that people can understand it by reading the whole thing, not half.

Okay, back to the "Skinny Bitch" topic. 
I actually read this from people who are full-figure, chubby or let's direct to the point; fat (and they're proud with that).

Some words from them: 

"I'm fine with my body, I hate skinny bitch." 
"I'm not a skinny bitch, I'm proud of being fat." 

And it makes me wonder, why can't they say it nicely without adding that 'skinny bitch'? 
Are they actually envy of those skinny people? 
Whatever is that, before I write further, let me tell you yaaa.. I'm writing this not because of I am skinny or slim. I'm just a regular person who is sometimes skinny sometimes fat. My hectic schedule caused this figure. 

But regardless of what figure I have now, I would prefer if those fat people choose to be confident but not overboard because not every skinny people choose to be skinny. Some of them praying for a better figure. Who wouldn't wish for at least a B-Cup bra size? Even a real man (some of them) choose to go to gym and taking daily protein supplement to have a thick chase LOL!!!! ..sorry off topic hahaha

I am well aware that not every fat people would say such things and what I'm saying here is only related to the people that have said so, NOT ALL. 

What is the prove that skinny people wish to gain weight? See this.

This is invented for those who wants to gain weight :D

Sometimes, I guessed that those fat people who are shamming skinny people may be inspired by Adele (the British singer). 

I like Adele but her impetuousness is too obvious here.
We can relate someone in our confidence and it should be done in a more positive way.

Anyway, Adele's wax statue is noticeably slimmer than her actual body but she never ask the producer to re-do it. LOL

To make this world a better place, I think.. 
"Fat or Skinny; it's your choice. Be proud but don't insult others"

(Directly or indirectly, don't ever insult skinny or fat people, they're human too)

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  1. slmat mlm kawan. wah bagus tuh gambar yang lagi roko'an hehehhe...?

  2. I'm neither fat nor skinny. But I'd love to be slim! He he he

    PS: I've never used the term "skinny bitch" simply because my mom didn't raise me to use that 'B' word. :P

  3. Both , skinny and fat are not good in terms of a health indicator. Whatever body we have, the most important thing is to stay healthy and that should be the reason for being small in size.

    I used to be super fat before, but after a while, I dropped a few kilos. Oh well, for health reason.

  4. yeah, love ourselves more and try our best to ignore what others say about us.. of course i use "try our best" because it's never easy to do so actually.. and i agree, most importantly respect others and never insult anyone.. :)

  5. I was very skinny when I was a child and I looked ugly in photos. I always wished to be fatter and now I regret that wish. HELP!

  6. Hey Fay , Thanks for connecting to me on Bloglovin :) I followed u there :) I would love to connect you on google+ : my email is raza.rizvi91@hotmail.com :) Thanks

  7. Agree with Adele. :)


  8. Oh gee what a name! Maybe it takes a bitch to catch a bitch? Check out on my link to your previous post of sulking..