2 Apr 2017

FOOD IN CHENGDU - Chengdu Trip Review


I separated the blog post into two because I don't prefer to have a overly lengthy blog post. I posted about Chengdu previously. Click HERE to read them.

Chengdu is different than any other places in China. They serve oily spicy food everywhere. Even the snacks or the street food. But dont worry, if you don't like spicy food like me and my fam, you'll still survive here.

We ordered 3 types of noodles and they all were very spicy. 
We didn't eat these, the daddy ate half of his portion. The little kid and me ate 2 or 3% of the portion and we headed to McD. 

Seeing the McD sign was delightful. Teeeeheee heeeeee.. we weren't walking to McD, we ran Hahahaha.. 

Local delicacies 

Food Price

Chengdu delicacies - too many choices



My Fave

Ewwwwwww!! The locals love these.

Most eewwwww!

duck and dumpling, the tomato soup was nice. !

Bought this from the nearest convenient store. Cheap milky tea.

Oily and Spicy. We had a dinner cum meeting and our host trid to impress us with this spicy food.

street food, spicy tofu

Spicy Spring Rolls 

Fruit Seller 

Halal street food.

FYI, there are plenty of Halal restaurants in Chengdu. The biggest one is located  near the IFS Mall.  

The best moment when we found Subway. 

In Chengdu, non-smoking eating place is easily available. Subways are all non-smoking.
The best thing is the workers are strict and police will be called if the diners are not following the rules. :D 

Korean Food is always a good alternative :D

Served with rice at the Korean Food Restaurant. 

Big fans of Gong Cha. 

My pearl milky tea? Nope.. it's mine  ^_^  

Chillies... Hell Noooooo..

Got a long list of starbucks lover... *sing this*

We love this :D

This is authentic less spicy local food, dried marinated long beans. 

Pumpkin Rice


Dinner was always free. Thank you Boss! 

My previous post about Chengdu is available HERE.

Thanks for reading! 

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