7 May 2015

The Blogger App

This gonna be a trial. I just downloaded the blogger app on my iPhone but I'm not sure if it's going to look good or just look plain dumb. 

Here my emoticons: 😁😔😌😝😍

I'm not sure if the pic above is nicely fit in my blog, I'll check later. There's no option on iPhone for pics resizing. 

There's no option to preview too. 

This is how the app works. I'm going to sleep soon and I'll be only viewing this post on my desktop tomorrow before noon time. 

I think that there's no way to make this post as a draft too haha.. So, if you post a blog through blogger app, you ought to know that it must be posted immediately, otherwise you'll have to re type all over again. 

Later, I'll have to check if this post is editable through this blogger app, I hope it could be done. 

I'll just post more pics below, to make you hungry :)

Ok bye!! If the alignment of this post is out, please curse the blogger team. Peace.. (I should put emoticon peace sign here but what if you can't see it or what if you see mid finger instead of peace sign finger hahaha) 💜💙💖💔

1 comment:

  1. Hi Fay! Sy pun sdh install the blogger app. Nothing much for editing kan? Tp, boleh la jg.. hope ada upgrade la.