7 May 2015

China Consulate Office In Kota Kinabalu


You know..
I'm kind of very kaypoh when it comes to developments or any new things that are announced on the newspaper. I am just ordinary citizen who's always looking forward for something new and something better in this country, for example I'm so looking forward for the completion of the construction of the 51-kilometre mass rapid transit (MRT) Sungai Buloh-Kajang. According to my grandma.. the MRT will be completed in 2017. Yeah.. my grandma is that cool.. Thankyou :)

Well.. there's one thing that your grandma should know, the new IKEA Cheras in Jalan Cochrane will be opened by end of 2015, please tell her ^___^  (I'm so looking forward for the new ikea, not only me.. Wyne MK too hahaha) 


Exciting isn't it? Thank you STAR newspaper for publishing this.
Please read full report here: CLICK HERE

Is the new China Consulate is open? YES it is.
The new China Consulate is located at VIP Lot, near City Mall at Jalan Lintas. 
However, as of today (7th May 2015) it is not able to issue China VISA to anyone yet. 
I had a tele-conversation with Mr Wong of Sabah China Consulate and he confirmed that they are able to handle any other matter here in Kota Kinabalu, especially for Chinese Tourists from Mainland China but not visa issuance. It might be available in future but it all depends on the responsible ministry to approve it. 

If you want to travel to China, you can make your China Visa in Kuching, Sarawak or 
China Embassy of Kuala Lumpur.  

However, there's one very important thing that you must know, if you are a West Malaysian, you are not allowed to issue your china visa in Kuching branch, unless:-

1. You have the east malaysian passport or east malaysia workpass or 
2. You are from West Malaysia but your address in your IC is Sabah/Sarawak address.
3. FYI, you can send your passport to the local Travel Agent to make visa but you must provide the copy of your return air-tickets. 

Now you know....? You are welcome :)
Feel free to drop me a question at the comment section. You are welcome :)

Well.. for the Land Below the Wind.. don't worry.. There are plenty of developments are on going here! A high speed train will be available soon and the first route will be Kota Kinabalu-Tawau (Kota Kinabalu International Airport to Bandar Fajar, Tawau, transit in Tuaran, Kinabatangan, Telupid, Lahad Datu and Kunak, yayyyyyyy!!!!) JUST KIDDING. TAKE NOTE: I AM JUST KIDDING!!! But if the speed train is available in year 3030 that's mean I'm not kidding hahahaha

p/s: I wished to go to china as frequent as possible, that's why I share this. 
p/s/s: China visa is not cheap, wth 
p/s/s/s: I'm heart broken, consulate office should function 100%, all the above jokes are to entertain myself

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  1. I believe all bloggers have the same curious and inquisitive character to be well updated and ahead of new developments. It is really high time the new China's consulate should be opened there as their country is the top choice now for travelers.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Need more information about Chinese Consulate in KK:
    1. What is the phine number?
    2. Where is the address?
    Thanks again