2 Feb 2013

The Best Blogger @_@

Renungan Pagi @ Morning Glory (BI tidak pass T_T) I know that I have such a limited time to blog but I still love to blog. Sobss..

When I do the house chores my idea on what to write keep coming nonstop, it's like when I vacuum the floor I have this idea to write about how much I dislike house chores, I even set in my mind that someday I want to employ someone to do the house chores and I will blog about it. Let the world to see how effortful I am (lol) because I'm gonna stand by the street waiting for the illegal immigrants to work as a part time cleaner. I will also write in my blog that it wasn't easy to get a part time cleaner eventho I was standing by the street under the sun and was sweating all over and I had no umbrella nor ice-cream in hand.

That was one of the idea in my head on what I gonna write in my next entry. Then I keep cleaning. My idea on what to blog also always come when I wanted to sleep. I was like telling myself to blog about "How to sleep deeply". Then I imagined to start the entry like this..

"Most of the adults in this advance world has the difficulties to have a deep sleep every night. I believe that I am one of those lucky people who can sleep deeply effortlessly. Why I sleep like a baby every night? Jennifer Aniston was one of the people who cant sleep almost every night before but nowadays, she said that she never have that problem anymore and she sleep deeply like a baby. She also revealed that the solution was the rhinoplasty that she had. I think we all should have rhinoplasty, those who can't afford for rhinoplasty should think about alarplasty. Yeah! As simple as that. I know that it might be costly but let me blame you for not saving some of your money for the past few years. Some of you should follow the footstep of those rich people who are saving their money since they are little. See..they even can afford for a diamond ring! Bling! Bling! So, menabunglah dari kecil. Parents or parents to be, simpanlah tabungan anak anda dalam tabung sebaik-baiknya. "

Gluppppss!! Then I realized, the above idea is like not so important. I don't even sleep deeply at night. I dream about new car, flower pots, coconut tree then goes to coconut juice then coconut seller then PM then election date. Sigh! So I cancelled the above idea. I'm not gonna blog about deep sleep, never ever lolss. When I have a good idea then I'll certainly gonna blog about it. Something that interesting, beautiful, inspiring, awakening, happening and other things yang sewaktu dengannya! Agak terlebih tapi itu niat saya sebagai wakil rakyat  insan biasa. Mmmuaaah!!

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